An Umbro Resurgence?

“U-M-B-R-O. Umbro.” Haven’t heard those five letters quite as much as you used to recently, have you?

In 1924, 22-year-old Harold Humphreys decided to take his small sportswear business into the wholesale market under the name Umbro, a trade name using the letters from Humphreys Brothers, and the business has flourished ever since, becoming one of the leading soccer apparel manufacturers in the world. Umbro was dominant to football business more than other sports brands between 1992 and 1996. Adidas, Lotto, Puma and other sport brands were following Umbro designs and technology. Umbro was sponsored with famous and successful Clubs. They were designing different football shirts for every each teams and they were definitely top football brand in the World.

However, as Adidas and Nike have made their rise to the top of the team sports apparel industry in the United States, the name of Umbro has ceased to be heard quite as often around the inner circles of the beautiful game. The English national team wears Umbro, and the name is still huge in Europe but it seems that the name may have become a lost commodity in the United States.

When Nike bought Umbro a couple of years ago for $583 million, it marked the start of a new era for the brand, and I am predicting a fresh rise of Umbro soccer wear in the United States.

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