Under Armour Reeling In Soccer Uniform Line?


And then there were three…

Under Armour, famous for their in-your-face line of sports apparel, is cutting back on their line of soccer uniforms for the 2012 season. This year, the company carried 7 unique lines of soccer uniforms, but for the 2012 calendar year they will only carry 3.

For the last couple of years, the Under Armour Retaliate soccer uniform has given customers a low-priced uniform option, but the customers have not bitten the bait quite as often as Under Armour would like. This uniform’s last ship date is set to be a year from now, yet it has already been out of production for a couple of months.

The Under Armour Stealth, Under Armour Emulate and Under Armour Elite have also gone out of production. Spare inventory may remain for the coming months, but the uniforms are no longer in production.

So what is Under Armour keeping around?

The Under Armour Classic soccer uniform, the Under Armour Strike and the Under Armour Dominate. At $102.99, the Dominate is the most expensive of the Under Armour soccer uniform lines, but it boasts as a superior performance build and the official uniform for top Mexican club Deportivo Toluca.


Word is that there may be more styles in production, just not far enough along yet to be released…

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