Teamwork Soccer Uniforms Make Their Mark in 2012

The Teamwork Company is renowned for producing some of the trendiest and cool soccer uniforms around. When compiling a list of the top soccer jerseys, Teamwork is always mentioned and there’s a powerful reason for this. Teamwork uniforms are uniquely designed with a fresh and appealing style, and they tend to last a long time.

Even though Teamwork uniforms aren’t as recognizable as Adidas and Nike uniforms, they still offer similar durability and look just as good. The uniforms can be easily made customizable to fit any team’s style.

The Teamwork brand continues to spread across the globe, not only because the company produces cool soccer uniforms but because of the uniforms excellent quality and exceptional prices.  Learn about the latest teamwork uniforms here. Many of these uniforms have just been released. There are plenty of top soccer jerseys and shorts to choose from.

Teamwork Tempest Uniform Set

These cool soccer uniforms are made of 100 percent luster jacquard patterned polyester and sweat management mesh. The mesh allows for breathability and comfort. Choose from three unique color designs and different patterns. The best part of this uniform is its versatile tube construction.

Teamwork Cascade Set

Seen as one of the top soccer jerseys from Teamwork because of its simple yet appealing design, the jersey and shorts are both made of high quality, medium-weight polyester, a combo that sets these Teamwork uniforms apart for their long-lasting durability. Cascade uniforms are not only about durability however – they feature an advance cooling system that works by minimizing moisture levels,  something that’s guaranteed help improve player performance.

Teamwork Breeze Set

Women soccer players will be able to blow by their opponents with ease thanks to the enhanced performance they can achieve with the Breeze uniform set. Made from polyester, the Breeze uniform features a special weave that is designed to facilitate air flow, thus these cool soccer uniforms help to reduce moisture and heat, and increase comfort. These top soccer uniforms are sure to improve a player’s game, and further they are extremely versatile; they can be used to play soccer, basketball and other sports.

Teamwork Defender Set

Teamwork uniforms are known for their innovation, and they have taken this to new extremes with the Defender Uniform set, which is specially designed for defenders. These top soccer uniforms are designed in a specific way to help sweepers perform at the ultimate level. It comes in two different colors and features an advance moisture control mesh system. The jersey and shorts are highly efficient at dealing with excessive moisture – meaning players will stay dry and comfortable throughout the full 90 minutes.


Regulations for High School Soccer Uniforms in 2012

Soccer uniforms say a lot about the team that wears them – they symbolize a team’s history, its unity and its team spirit. But before you go getting carried away with designing your team soccer uniforms, it pays to know what the latest regulations for soccer uniforms for kids are.

High School Soccer Uniform Regulations

The US Soccer Federation, which acts as the governing body for all forms of soccer in the USA, recently laid down the following guidelines for high school team’s soccer uniforms for the 2012 fall high school soccer season:

Basic Requirements

High school team soccer uniforms must consist of the following: Jersey, shorts, socks, soccer shoes or boots, and shin guards that are appropriate to the age and size of the player wearing them.

According to FIFA rules, the socks and jerseys worn by the opposing teams should be of different, contrasting colors. Should a situation arise where the two teams wear similar colors, the home team is obligated to wear different team soccer uniforms that don’t clash.

One recent addition to the new rules, introduced at the beginning of the 2012 fall season, is that home teams, although they can still choose any color, are required to wear light-colored soccer uniforms for kids, while away teams should wear dark colors. US Soccer said that this stipulation was designed to prevent any confusion arising.

Shin Guards

US Soccer stipulates that every player must wear shin guards underneath their socks for safety reasons. These should be worn at a height of no more than two inches above the ankle. Shin guards are required to meet NOCSAE specifications.

Logos, Numbers and Trademarks

High school team soccer uniforms are allowed to display the trademark and/or logo of the uniform manufacturer only, sponsors are not permitted. Trademarks and logos of manufacturers must not be greater than 2.25 inches, and they can only appear once on each article of clothing.

School symbols and crests are permitted, and these can be emblazoned all articles of clothing in high school soccer uniforms, so long as the symbol or crest doesn’t interfere with the visibility of the jersey’s number.

Each player must display a unique number on his or her jersey, and this should be displayed on the front and back – a minimum of 4 inches high on the front and 6 inches high on the back.


Some accessories are allowed with soccer uniforms for kids. These include padded headbands, sweatbands and soft caps. In addition, players are also permitted to wear items such as plaster casts and braces with their soccer uniforms, so long as these have sufficient padding to ensure the safety of both the wearer and other players.

Quality and Comfort is Assured with High Five Soccer Uniforms 2012 Range

High 5 soccer uniforms have a reputation for producing an assortment of top soccer uniforms that are an ideal choice for high school soccer teams. High Five soccer uniforms are one of the leading brands in the USA, trusted for their durability, comfort and quality. They are widely respected for their continuous production of quality uniforms for high schools, various soccer clubs and teams.

High Five soccer uniforms are sought after by many teams because of various reasons. One, they give great value for money. They can be customized to fit the team’s preferred colors and style.  A great team deserves top soccer uniforms like High 5 soccer uniforms.

For the coming soccer season, take a look at the latest line up of High Five soccer uniforms with more cutting edge and durable designs. Check them out:

High 5 Apollo Uniform Set

One of the top soccer uniforms in the High Five range, available at just $27.67, is the Apollo uniform set. These affordably priced High 5 soccer uniforms are made from 100% polyester and include jerseys with vertical eyelet and Essortex moisture management technology. The jersey features a stylish, crew neck cut with rib knit trimmings.

High 5 Cascade Uniform Set

Cascade High Five uniforms come in a complete set of Cascade Jersey, AERO shorts and High 5 soccer socks. The jersey is made from 100% polyester and is features High Five’s advanced Essortex moisture management system, which is ideal for sports like soccer where players are known to perspire excessively. The design is a unique, three color block with raglan sleeves and polyester shoulder panels. The shorts are likewise made of polyester with no liner. These top soccer uniforms have high ratings for durability and cost for value.

High 5 Calypso Uniform Set

The Calypso High 5 soccer uniforms consist of the whole ensemble: jersey, shorts and socks. The material is made out of 100% polyester, with moisture management features designed to make the jersey comfortable for sports activities. The shorts have soft touch polyester for comfort and flexibility, and the whole set is available at a very reasonable price of $36.05.

Polyester Custom Soccer Jerseys Rank First

The popularity of polyester synthetic fibers in custom soccer uniforms has spread like wildfire in recent years, thanks to the unique benefits this material affords. Polyester design soccer jerseys are cool and comfortable, but one of the main advantages is that the material can be easily customized for different custom soccer jerseys. The mix of materials can be easily adapted, with fibers of differing properties being used to suit clothing for various activities.

This adaptability has led to polyester becoming the material of choice for custom soccer jerseys and custom soccer uniforms. Various different blends of polyester can be woven into the fabric to create design soccer jerseys that can be optimized according to local climates.

Modern manufacturers such as Adidas and Nike use polyester to design soccer jerseys that are lightweight and breathable – polyester fibers can be optimized to allow for the maximum amount of air circulation within soccer jerseys, while remaining durable and snug-fitting. This increased air flow ensures that the player will be kept comfortable, as moisture will evaporate faster.

Aside from the level of physical comfort that polyester custom soccer jerseys offer, another key benefit of them is durability. Polyester blends can be manufactured and woven together to create a highly durable fabric that can withstand even the toughest playing conditions. Custom soccer uniforms are on the recieving end of some serious punishment during soccer matches – as any seasoned soccer player will testify, opposing players frequently like to tug at and pull on the shirts of their opponents during a match, yet polyester design soccer jerseys will not be damaged by these kinds of physical tussles.

Another serious advantage of polyester soccer jerseys that will appeal to high school and college teams is the ease in which they can be cleaned. Due to the loosely-woven design of the fabric, the material can easily be washed clean from any stains, ensuring that the jerseys can be worn again and again. Add to this the fact that the color dye is known not to fade easily, it’s easy to see why polyester custom soccer uniforms have much more longevity than uniforms made from more traditional materials like cotton.

Polyester is so advantageous that its use is not just restricted to custom soccer jerseys, but entire custom soccer uniforms. Polyester socks for example, are favored for their ability to hold up inall conditions. It’s little surprise that when today’s top manufacturers come to design soccer jerseys and soccer uniforms, polyester is always thier first choice fabric.

Nike Soccer Uniforms “Just Do It” Once Again

When it comes to quality, there are few competitors who can stand in the way of Nike soccer uniforms. Since the company’s founding back in 1964, soccer outfits have been a cornerstone of Nike’s superb lineup of sports apparel and the number one choice for teams all over the world, from professional clubs such as Man United and AC Milan, to the Brazilian national team and hundreds of thousands of high school teams the world over.

Why are Nike youth soccer uniforms so popular? One reason is style. Made from high quality materials, Nike soccer uniforms are leading trend setters in the world of soccer fashion – a sport where looks really do make a difference. Nike soccer outfits combine style with exceptional durability, and what’s more, they can be fully customized with team logos, motifs and numbering.

Serious soccer teams choose Nike when they want to be taken seriously. With the release of Nike’s latest lineup of soccer outfits for the 2011/2012 season, there’s no time like the present to take a look what this classical brand has in store.

Nike Tiempo Uniform

The smart and snug-fitting Tiempo epitomizes everything we take for granted about Nike soccer uniforms – its stylish, classic design, emblazoned with the famous Nike “tick” logo instantly appeals. The short sleeved, crew neck style jersey matches the recent trend for tight-fitting soccer uniforms that are not only a fashion statement – but are also thought to enhance player performance, boosting agility, speed and balance. At just $30 for a full adult uniform, Nike Tiempo is a great choice for teams on a budget.

Nike Laser Uniform

Nike youth soccer uniforms don’t come much classier than the Laser soccer outfits – made from 100% polyester with Dri-FIT technology, these Nike soccer uniforms provide enhanced performance due to their exceptional climate control and moisture management, which ensures extra comfort for the player. Featuring a stylish, hooped pin-stripe design, the Nike Laser looks even better than it feels.

Nike Classic IV Uniform

A favorite for the traditionalists, the Classic IV Nike youth soccer uniforms offer so much more than just a retro style – One of Nike’s leading soccer outfits, the Classic IV incorporates state-of-the-art climate control features with a sleek look and a tight fit. Available in five different colors, these Nike soccer uniforms are made using Dri-FIT technology that provide seamless comfort and support.

New Kelme Soccer Uniforms Lineup Turns Some Heads

Kelme soccer uniforms have never failed to deliver quality soccer apparel and present a soccer team uniform package of the highest and most durable quality. Many teams have sought after the excellent designs of Kelme soccer uniforms. The continuous quality performance of Kelme has made it into one of the top brands in the industry.

For the coming 2012, high school soccer teams have a reason to rejoice. Kelme has recently released its new lineup of soccer uniforms, soccer apparel and soccer team uniform package. Check them out:

Kelme Shark Uniform Set

This soccer team uniform package is sold at $67.20 when you purchase a set of at least 10 Kelme soccer uniforms. The set is inclusive of the Shark jersey, the shark shorts and the oval socks. The Kelme logo is embroidered on the right chest. Shorts are embroidered with the logo as well. For improved comfort, the waist is elastic with draw cord inside the shorts. Socks are made from 100% nylon. Soccer teams can buy in bulk and take advantage of the uniform set MSRP, available at just $96.00. Soccer apparel to compliment the uniform is available.

Kelme Villa Uniform Set

The classical-looking Kelme 2 Villa jersey is an exclusive design available in white only. The soccer team uniform package comes with the shorts and white alba socks. As with all Kelme soccer uniforms, the Kelme Villa is made from soft and lightweight material combined with Breathe Comfort technology to take care of moisture while playing. The air flow mesh and collar provides additional comfort while playing. Both the shorts and alba socks incorporate breathable materials for moisture control, while the socks also come with ankle support and a fold down top. Get this for just $59.40 at the uniform set price.

Kelme Torneo Uniform Set

This soccer team uniform package comes with a jersey, shorts and socks. The jersey has moisture wicking weave and v neck collar. The material is 100% polyester. The shorts have elastic waist with logo knitted on the side. The socks are 100% nylon. If you get at least a set of 10, you can avail of the uniform price at $42.70 or get the retail at $61.00. Add soccer apparel to complete the uniform.

Kelme Pamplona Uniform Set

These kelme soccer uniforms are one of the leading soccer team uniform package deals that Kelme offer, including the stylish Pamplona jersey, shorts and oval soccer socks. The jersey is constructed from hi-tech pique polyester which is scientifically proven to enhance breathability and comfort. The design includes v-neck jersey and Kelme logo on the right chest. Retail price is set at $48.00, while the uniform set price offer substantial savings at $36.00 a piece.

Joma Soccer Uniforms Release 2012 Kits with Free Numbers

Joma high school soccer jerseys, soccer gear and Joma soccer uniforms are number one when it comes to soccer uniforms. Developed with player safety and comfort in mind, the manufacturer recently announced that anyone buying Joma soccer uniforms will be provided with free numbers on all their soccer uniforms.

Joma has a reputation for its high quality and service when it comes to customized uniforms. They are reliable and give great value for money. With Joma, soccer coaches are always onto a winner.

Uniforms are investments for any soccer team and so those looking for durable uniforms with great aesthetic designs, need look no further than Joma soccer uniforms to fit the bill. For this coming 2012, Joma has released its latest line of high school soccer jerseys and Joma soccer uniforms, together with free numbers upon purchase of all Joma soccer uniforms.

Check out the latest designs:

Joma Academy Uniform

This is a perfect uniform thanks to the elegance in design and vertical band of the high school soccer jerseys, which emphasizes the JOMA logo. The uniforms can be fully customized with shields while there are dozens of color combinations to choose from. The Joma real shorts are made of relax patron material. The waste is elastic with laces that can be adjusted to fit. The cutting is round on the legs and it has the JOMA logo embroidered on it. The socks are anatomic fit and come in various sizes. For a minimum of 10 sets, these are available for $29.64 or $38.00 at retail price. Add soccer gear to complete the uniform.

Joma Europa Uniform

The Joma Europa uniform set includes high school soccer jerseys, real shorts and classic socks. The jersey is designed with inspiration from the Sevilla Champions League shirt, which the Spanish team wore in their 2009-2010 campaign. The quality of Joma soccer uniforms guarantees great design, construction and performance. The Joma Europa soccer gear is available at a retail price of $59.00 or for sets of at least 10 uniforms, the adult price of $41.30.

Joma Picasho Uniform

Built for high level competition and for professional patrons, the Joma Picasho soccer gear uniform is one of Joma’s top range designs. The jersey, socks and shorts feature a modern, cutting edge design that is high in demand for all professional soccer teams. Price is set at $42.34 for a set of 10.

Joma Eco Long Sleeve Uniform

This long sleeve uniform features a sleek modern design and comes complete with socks and shorts for $46.50 for a set of at least 10. Soccer gear is also available with this uniform.