Best Soccer Shoes: Best Performance Guaranteed

A decent pair of soccer shoes are worth their weight in gold. This sometimes under-rated item of soccer clothing doesn’t just enhance a player’s performance out there on the filed – good soccer shoes can also help to reduce the chance of a player sustaining serious injury, as they are specially designed to withstand the heavy impacts, the jolts and the jars that are part and parcel of the game.

Soccer Shoe Size

Irrespective of soccer shoe’s prices, it’s vital that players invest in high quality soccer shoes or cleats that fit closely and provide maximum comfort to the wearer. Wearing the wrong sizes shoes can have terrible consequences for athletes – too large and the shoes will slip and slide, causing blisters, too tight and they can restrict the blood flow to the feet and affect a player’s balance.

When trying on soccer shoes for the first time, it’s important to wear socks and shin pads to be able to tell how comfortable a fit the shoes are. The general rule of thumb for fitting soccer shoes is that the wearer’s big toe should not make contact with the shoe – rather it should come within a thumb-width when the player is standing.

Buying Soccer Shoes

A number of recognized brands produce good quality soccer cleats and soccer clothing, including top names such as Adidas, Nike, Puma and Teamwork. Cleats are available in a range of different soccer shoes prices, starting at around $30 for a decent pair. Depending on the quality, one pair of shoes should be enough to last a player for the season, so it’s worthwhile to spend a little extra for a good pair.

Just like other items of soccer clothing, soccer shoes need to fit well, provide optimum support and be in line with team regulations.

Female players need to be aware that women’s soccer shoes are usually narrower than men’s shoes, and so any female player who has wide feet may want to consider buying male soccer shoes instead.

Types of Soccer Shoes

For the majority of players in college and high school soccer, shoes with synthetic uppers and rubber soles are more than adequate. Leather uppers usually sell at more expensive soccer shoes prices, but this doesn’t always translate to better performance as leather uppers tend to stiffen and warp after a while, especially after playing in wet conditions. Synthetics on the other hand, are often much more forgiving and will retain their shape for much longer.

Good quality, nicely-fitting soccer shoes, like other types of soccer clothing, can have a big impact on a player’s overall performance – don’t let the side down, get the pair that fits.


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