Enhanced Player Performance with High Quality Soccer Socks

They might be the least celebrated part of youth soccer uniform packages, but soccer socks are also one of the most essential, identifiable parts of any player’s soccer bags. Worn knee-high, made from modern acrylic materials and often bearing the colors of the soccer team’s jersey, soccer socks from the likes of Adidas and Nike are available in many different styles. But there’s more to them than just decoration – wearing the right pair of socks is vital from a safety aspect too. Socks help to support a player’s feet and ankles, they can prevent blisters, and they help to keep shin pads secured in the right place.

Most soccer players will rarely give the soccer socks in their soccer bags a second thought – at least, not until they find themselves with a bad pair. Ill-fitting socks are a player’s worst nightmare, constantly slipping down, rubbing tender areas on the ankles and feet and causing blisters, resulting in a loss of speed and agility. It’s therefore vital that the socks in any youth soccer uniform packages are both well-made and fit the player perfectly.

Cost of Socks

Although important, a decent pair of soccer socks doesn’t cost the earth. Even top-of-the-line socks from brands like Puma and Admiral are available for under $10 a pair. Players should look to buy the best possible socks for their soccer bags that they can find, as the cushioning and support is able to substantially enhance a player’s performance.


Quality soccer socks will be made from microfibers blended with an acrylic material. These modern materials make for far superior socks, as they are able to soak up greater moisture than materials such as cotton and polyester, thus reducing the chances of blisters. Some of the best soccer socks in youth soccer uniform packages also feature a cushioned footbed – elastic bands which hold the socks snugly in place around the ankle and the calf.

Players should also realize the importance of always wearing a new pair of soccer socks in a few training sessions before they use them in a match. This is so that potential problems are avoided, for instance if the socks shrink or turn out to be poorly made and the elastic properties diminish too fast.

In addition to having good quality soccer socks in their youth soccer uniform packages, players should use talc on their feet prior to any match or training session, to further reduce perspiration.


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