Joma Soccer Uniforms Release 2012 Kits with Free Numbers

Joma high school soccer jerseys, soccer gear and Joma soccer uniforms are number one when it comes to soccer uniforms. Developed with player safety and comfort in mind, the manufacturer recently announced that anyone buying Joma soccer uniforms will be provided with free numbers on all their soccer uniforms.

Joma has a reputation for its high quality and service when it comes to customized uniforms. They are reliable and give great value for money. With Joma, soccer coaches are always onto a winner.

Uniforms are investments for any soccer team and so those looking for durable uniforms with great aesthetic designs, need look no further than Joma soccer uniforms to fit the bill. For this coming 2012, Joma has released its latest line of high school soccer jerseys and Joma soccer uniforms, together with free numbers upon purchase of all Joma soccer uniforms.

Check out the latest designs:

Joma Academy Uniform

This is a perfect uniform thanks to the elegance in design and vertical band of the high school soccer jerseys, which emphasizes the JOMA logo. The uniforms can be fully customized with shields while there are dozens of color combinations to choose from. The Joma real shorts are made of relax patron material. The waste is elastic with laces that can be adjusted to fit. The cutting is round on the legs and it has the JOMA logo embroidered on it. The socks are anatomic fit and come in various sizes. For a minimum of 10 sets, these are available for $29.64 or $38.00 at retail price. Add soccer gear to complete the uniform.

Joma Europa Uniform

The Joma Europa uniform set includes high school soccer jerseys, real shorts and classic socks. The jersey is designed with inspiration from the Sevilla Champions League shirt, which the Spanish team wore in their 2009-2010 campaign. The quality of Joma soccer uniforms guarantees great design, construction and performance. The Joma Europa soccer gear is available at a retail price of $59.00 or for sets of at least 10 uniforms, the adult price of $41.30.

Joma Picasho Uniform

Built for high level competition and for professional patrons, the Joma Picasho soccer gear uniform is one of Joma’s top range designs. The jersey, socks and shorts feature a modern, cutting edge design that is high in demand for all professional soccer teams. Price is set at $42.34 for a set of 10.

Joma Eco Long Sleeve Uniform

This long sleeve uniform features a sleek modern design and comes complete with socks and shorts for $46.50 for a set of at least 10. Soccer gear is also available with this uniform.


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