New Kelme Soccer Uniforms Lineup Turns Some Heads

Kelme soccer uniforms have never failed to deliver quality soccer apparel and present a soccer team uniform package of the highest and most durable quality. Many teams have sought after the excellent designs of Kelme soccer uniforms. The continuous quality performance of Kelme has made it into one of the top brands in the industry.

For the coming 2012, high school soccer teams have a reason to rejoice. Kelme has recently released its new lineup of soccer uniforms, soccer apparel and soccer team uniform package. Check them out:

Kelme Shark Uniform Set

This soccer team uniform package is sold at $67.20 when you purchase a set of at least 10 Kelme soccer uniforms. The set is inclusive of the Shark jersey, the shark shorts and the oval socks. The Kelme logo is embroidered on the right chest. Shorts are embroidered with the logo as well. For improved comfort, the waist is elastic with draw cord inside the shorts. Socks are made from 100% nylon. Soccer teams can buy in bulk and take advantage of the uniform set MSRP, available at just $96.00. Soccer apparel to compliment the uniform is available.

Kelme Villa Uniform Set

The classical-looking Kelme 2 Villa jersey is an exclusive design available in white only. The soccer team uniform package comes with the shorts and white alba socks. As with all Kelme soccer uniforms, the Kelme Villa is made from soft and lightweight material combined with Breathe Comfort technology to take care of moisture while playing. The air flow mesh and collar provides additional comfort while playing. Both the shorts and alba socks incorporate breathable materials for moisture control, while the socks also come with ankle support and a fold down top. Get this for just $59.40 at the uniform set price.

Kelme Torneo Uniform Set

This soccer team uniform package comes with a jersey, shorts and socks. The jersey has moisture wicking weave and v neck collar. The material is 100% polyester. The shorts have elastic waist with logo knitted on the side. The socks are 100% nylon. If you get at least a set of 10, you can avail of the uniform price at $42.70 or get the retail at $61.00. Add soccer apparel to complete the uniform.

Kelme Pamplona Uniform Set

These kelme soccer uniforms are one of the leading soccer team uniform package deals that Kelme offer, including the stylish Pamplona jersey, shorts and oval soccer socks. The jersey is constructed from hi-tech pique polyester which is scientifically proven to enhance breathability and comfort. The design includes v-neck jersey and Kelme logo on the right chest. Retail price is set at $48.00, while the uniform set price offer substantial savings at $36.00 a piece.


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