Women’s Soccer Uniforms

While soccer used to be solely a sport for men, today, more and more women are being lured by this sport—as seen in a growing number of women’s soccer competitions all over the world. The great thing about soccer is that it is physically demanding, so women will be able to keep their bodies fit by playing this sport.

The thing is while women love soccer in general—-as a sport and as a fitness routine, they absolutely hate wearing soccer uniforms that are patterned to look like male uniforms. This is understandable. Women are not all about rough and tumble; they also want to look good while playing as well. Actually, women’s soccer jerseys cannot be just like any other soccer jerseys. They have to have the right fit, should be stylish, and at the same time, allow the women to move freely while playing soccer.

Women’s soccer uniforms consist of the same articles as seen in most men uniforms—socks, shoes, shirt, shorts, and of course the soccer jersey. These soccer uniforms are not exclusive to female players. These soccer uniforms are being made for the growing number of soccer female fans as well.

While women understand that their soccer uniforms need to reflect the team’s official colors, their uniforms are often more colorful—-beyond the basic red, blue, white, and black. Women’s soccer uniforms usually have brighter color palettes that consist of orange, pink, gold, and the basic colors. That way, they can still look fierce during the competition, but will still be able to express their feminine side.

Like men, women would also love to customize their soccer uniforms by adding logos, markings, and other embellishments. It is important that a uniform supplier can deliver what women want. If a female player wants something then it must be delivered. While all of these add-ons are important, female priority is still the fit and the comfort of the uniform. There is nothing more horrible to a female player than an ill-fitting uniform. A jersey that is too small or too big is just plain unattractive. This may not be too much of an issue for male soccer players, but for women—it’s a big no-no. Also, the use of breathable fabric is positive factor. Women are all about looking neat and clean, so this is also another thing suppliers must bear in mind.

With the growing number of female soccer players and fans, more and more exciting uniforms will surely be launched.


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