Stretching for Soccer Players

Many athletes such as soccer players have fallen victim to cramps at those most crucial moments, bringing them to lose a competition. Not many people realize it, but stretching is an important part of a soccer teams’ training. Warming up muscles and stretching allows the muscles to operate efficiently.

The muscle groups most used in junior soccer are the hamstrings, quadriceps femoris, and calves. These parts should be stretched before each training session at the least. Every soccer team and their players should also stretch other muscle groups to prevent any injury during games or trainings. It is a must that stretches are held for 20 to 30 seconds for them to be efficient. All necessary stretches are included in a soccer practice warm up. It is likewise necessary to ensure that all warm up drills are of low intensity. Skill development is included in the stretching program. This is done at an unhurried pace and adequate running. This results to a very effectual warm up for a soccer team.

Soccer teams should never undermine stretching and suppleness as part of their training. As much as talent contributes a lot to a player’s performance; so does practice and adequate training. A properly stretched body at the appropriate time is necessary to ensure optimal performance and preventing injuries. There are numerous kinds of muscle stretching that junior soccer players can use. Since there a number of soccer stretches in all sizes, applying these stretches with the appropriate technique will result to a lesser chance of soccer players getting an injury. Ultimately, these habits can bring an improved performance.

There are factors that must be considered when stretching. In spite of being beneficial, it does come with a few risks. Stretching should not bring pain to a soccer athlete. Only a pulling sensation should be felt. Forcing the body to stretch past its capacity can cause muscles, tendons, and ligaments to tear. A proper stretching technique will need concentration and a deal of patience and should be done gradually. Junior soccer players should not stretch past the feeling of discomfort. They should also never bounce while stretching.

Stretching is a very simple and soothing activity. It is easy to enjoy even while seated in class or in the office. Junior soccer players just need to be certain that their muscles are completely warmed up before stretching. Taking a brisk walk would be a good way to warm up before doing a full stretching.


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