How to Clean Soccer Uniforms

Soccer uniforms play an integral part in every team’s competition. They represent the team spirit and allow the audience to recognize the different teams. Because soccer is an outside field sport, it is inevitable that the soccer jerseys, as well as all the articles in soccer uniforms, become soiled and would need a thorough clean up. Cleaning soccer uniforms without damaging them is essential as these clothes will be used for several times throughout the competition.

The fabric of the soccer uniforms determine the kind of washing and handling that would work best. Most soccer jerseys are made from a special heavy weight polyester knit or mesh that is stretchable. This fabric is made especially for frequent washings and is easier to care for than clothes made from cotton.

Pre-soaking heavily soiled soccer uniforms is recommended. This will avoid too much damage of the fabric. Water is mild enough not to damage the colours, yet strong enough to loosen any hardened dirt or mud. After each game, make it a habit to immediately soak dirty soccer jerseys in the laundry sink to get rid of stubborn muck. To aid in getting rid of dirt, it is advisable to add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda or bicarbonate of soda in the soaking water. The baking soda is a great odour eliminator and helps remove bacteria. If it happens that the water in the area is hard—meaning there’s a surplus of minerals, it would be great to add a bit of water conditioner to make the detergents work more effectively.

If there are some stains, one should not be tempted to use chlorinated bleach—-even for white or gray fabrics. The chlorine is damaging to the fabric strands, reducing the lifespan of the soccer uniforms. To remove nasty stains from soccer jerseys, one should opt for no-chlorine bleach. This is safe for coloured fabrics and will actually make the colours brighter.

For a more convenient washing, it is better to wash the soccer uniforms individually. Avoid washing different jerseys together so as to avoid contact and spreading of germs and stains.

To dry the soccer jerseys, one should avoid using extreme heat. Skip the radiator or the dryer. Using these equipments can permanently shrink the fabric, make it lose elasticity, and make the colours dull. It is advisable to let the soccer jerseys dry the natural way. Hang the jerseys and let them air-dry.


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