History of Soccer Jerseys

Soccer jerseys have slowly gone through an evolution over the past few years. Soccer uniforms look a lot different than they used to. In the past, soccer uniforms had a collar that is very similar to that of a polo shirt. Earlier designs even had laces and buttons on them. They were obviously more elaborate. It’s a very interesting fact that over the years, soccer teams have managed to tone down the uniforms, as seen today.

Today’s soccer jerseys collar resembles the collar of a typical t-shirt. When it comes to the other elements of the soccer uniforms such as the shorts and socks, some changes are also notable. The shorts used by soccer teams today are shorter. The socks are generally the same, but the newer versions include some details such as stripes and badges.

Earlier soccer uniforms were more formal. Nowadays, soccer uniforms are less formal and they do more than just bear the name and logo of a team. They are now used as an effective marketing canvass—with all sorts of brand names of sponsors appearing on the key parts of the soccer jerseys.

The growing number of soccer fans is a very lucrative market as they are the most common customers of these soccer jerseys. Hardcore soccer fans will usually buy the soccer uniforms bearing the name of the team they are supporting, or the country they are playing for. They are not active participants of the game, but owning the team’s uniform makes them feel like they are doing their part to support their team to the fullest. Teams that play in the major leagues and in international competitions havesoccer jerseysthat are well sought after. If fans also like a specific player, you’ll most likely see them wearing this players jersey and number during their matches.

Soccer uniforms including the soccer jersey used to be all made of cotton. Today, there is a growing preference among soccer teams to use uniforms made of more durable materials such as polyester and nylon. These synthetic materials are more durable and won’t absorb your sweat and slow you down. They also do not cling to the body the way cotton soccer jerseys do.

Today’s soccer jerseys have bolder and brighter colours because of the changes made with the materials. Not only that. Soccer uniforms today are also equipped with special properties such as quick dry property, anti-crease technology, and anti-bacterial properties. All these changes have been implemented because of the growing demand for better soccer jerseys.


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