Cotton Soccer Jerseys vs Polyester Soccer Jerseys

The two most common fabrics that are used in making soccer jerseys are cotton and polyester. Soccer uniforms are subject to great wear and tear, are subject to a great amount of moisture, and are exposed to a great amount of sunlight. Soccer teams need to purchase the best soccer uniforms in order to help their performance and confidence. Therefore, the right choice of fabric is very important.

Soccer teams know how physically demanding soccer is as a sport. When one is exposed to high heat and is running about on a large field for hours during practice and competitions, you’ll probably be sweating bullets. Cotton soccer jerseys are considered to be more breathable than polyester soccer jerseys. Soccer uniforms that are made with cotton are known to be cooler and dry more easily. Polyester keeps the sweat trapped in the body, making it prone to odour and irritation. Cotton is also softer and gentler on the skin, making it a more preferred option for soccer uniforms as far as comfort is concerned.

When it comes to durability, polyester soccer jerseys win by a mile. A cotton soccer uniform is more prone to wear and tear than a polyester soccer uniform. Polyester is practically indestructible. Therefore soccer teams who are all about durability prefer this as the fabric for their soccer jerseys.

While polyester soccer jerseys are thought to be as cheaper compared to cotton soccer uniforms, the truth is that a number of soccer teams are able to find cheap cotton jerseys as well. It all depends on where the jerseys are made. But when it comes to cost advantage, cotton uniforms are still cheaper.

When it comes to what is more environment friendly—production wise, they both have their share of pros and cons. While cotton is all natural—it uses plenty of pesticides. While polyester does not need pesticides, it requires some chemically-laden treatment while on the plant. So when it comes to being eco-friendly, it’s up to the team to choose the lesser of the two evils.

Soccer uniforms are very important to a team’s performance. It is unimaginable for a team to carry on a competition without the soccer jerseys bearing the team name and logo. When it comes to the choice of fabric, one generally has two options. It depends on what the team’s concerns are. Of course, there’s still the question of fit and design, but the choice of fabric is equally important.


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