Team Soccer Management in the US

Soccer is one of the most widely played sports in the US. There is this impression the soccer team management in the country is improving. Sadly, that is not the case. There is an underlying controversy between the prevailing soccer culture in the country and what its impact is on the players wearing a team’s soccer jerseys.

Representing a soccer team and being able to play sporting the team’s colours and soccer jerseys should give pride to the player. However, nowadays players are all about winning, particularly the junior soccer teams where the parents’ have the most impact. When the child’s team does not win frequently enough, the child’s parents often feel compelled to make the player switch teams to one that has a better opportunity to win. This frequency of changing the child’s soccer jerseys as he moves from team to team does not help foster the skills of the player. This is a sport and like all sports, there are more important things than winning. Winning should not be the only motivation there is. If it’s just about winning then a child will never learn the other more important aspects of soccer like striving through obstacles and enduring difficulties by working together as a team.

Another loop hole in the US soccer team management is the fact that training to become a better player always involves a great deal of money. Soccer players pay an awful lot for training, more so if they want to become a part of a prestigious academy that will ensure that they will be playing for one of the elite teams and be able to wear their soccer jerseys. Because of this kind of system, there are some players who have plenty of potential to be superstars in the world of soccer do not even get the chance to hone their skills because they cannot afford it.

This is a sad reality. Add that to the fact that here in the country, trading soccer players is a popular trend that can hurt the confidence of players. It’s tough for a player to be traded and be required to wear a different soccer jersey from the one they first play with. Also, because of this the player has very little chance to foster group camaraderie and understand the importance of team work. Soccer team management in the US may seem to be doing very well from the outside. The plain truth is however, is that it leaves plenty to be desired.


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