Leicester City Sign up with Puma

Puma, an industry leader in sportswear goods, has come up with some of the best soccer uniforms any football fan and player has ever seen. Their soccer jerseys plus other gear don’t just boast aesthetically beautiful designs, but superior durability and several nifty performance-enhancing features as well.

In recent news, the sportswear manufacturing giant has entered a new partnership with Leicester City Football Club. The contract, which is set to last for three years, appoints Puma as the Foxes’ Official Sportswear and Technical Kit Sponsor.

“It is with great pride that we announce our fantastic new partnership with PUMA, whose reputation as an industry leader strengthens every item bearing their world-famous brand” said Leicester City Chief Executive Officer, Susan Whelan.

She also added: “Worn with pride by players and supporters alike, our first team kits are one of the biggest parts of our identity as a Football Club, so to have a renowned partner like PUMA alongside us in their development is a hugely exciting prospect.”

The sports industry leader will be providing a number of merchandise to the team and the team’s fans, such as team kits (soccer uniforms, accessories, etc.) training wear, and replica kits (such as soccer jerseys), beginning with the 2012/13 season.

That being said, readers may be wondering what exactly do the new soccer uniforms look like, what features they possess for comfort, plus other specifications regarding how it helps the footballers perform better.

Unfortunately, the soccer jerseys and kits won’t be unveiled till summer. But considering the quality, comfort measures taken, and performance-enhancing features Puma always infuses in the soccer uniforms they create for their partners, the Leicester City Football Club kit is expected to impress both football fans and players.

Whatever surprises the sporting goods manufacturer has rolled up under its sleeve, the partnership between Puma and the Foxes will surely bring forth several pleasant treats, coming in the form of replica soccer jerseys and merchandise, for team players and their fans.

Roger Harrison, the current Puma UK Marketing Director comments on the newly formed partnership as well, stating: “We are really pleased to be working with Leicester City and its fans. We are confident that through this partnership we will not only increase exposure of PUMA but also deliver a strong service to the club, team and supporters. This agreement underlines our strong commitment to expand our position in the global football market.”


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