Nike Unveils Latest US Soccer Uniform

When it comes to manufacturing sportswear goods such as soccer uniforms and cleats designed for professional or amateur soccer teams, Nike is currently the number one business establishment within the industry.

Recently, the giant sportswear manufacturer has unveiled its latest design in soccer uniforms. The uniquely designed apparel combines American culture and patriotism into one beautiful package, and is to be worn by both men and women soccer teams when they play on the pitch this coming summer.

For those curious about what it looks like, here’s a short yet accurate description of the all-new soccer outfit: the jersey neatly utilizes the colors of the American flag, boasting a nicely fitted blue crew collar, whilst the body is styled with red and white stripes.

To make the jersey look even better, a tonal sash, which follows the same design on the shirts worn by the US Men’s National team when they scored a decisive victory over England during the 1950’s in Brazil, will be included as well.

Inside the back of the neck collar is the American Flag, which is ideally supposed to enthuse the athletes’ patriotic love for their country. While the soccer uniforms for both men and women soccer teams are visually identical, the female’s apparel design has been slightly modified to allow for a fuller range of motion.

The soccer uniforms naturally come with shorts as well – following a design similar to that of the top, the shorts are blue, while the socks are white and has a blue band placed near the top part. Without question, the visual design of the new outfits will be much appreciated by the US soccer teams.

Looking attractive isn’t the only thing that the new kits can boast – the materials used are built to last and comfortable. Made with 97 to 100% Dri-FIT recycled polyester, the new getups are approximately 21% lighter and 24% stronger than the previous kits released by Nike.

Underneath the soccer uniforms, the players will be wearing a Nike Pro Combat Hypercool 2.0 top, which helps keep its users cool and comfortable throughout the entire game. Moreover, a Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong slider shorts will be worn underneath the outer shorts as well. The padding at the waist and thigh will provide its wearer with added protection while playing against rival soccer teams, while the mesh fabric will allow for better breathability.


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