Puma Announce Deal with Spanish Club Espanyol

Puma has recently announced its new partnership with Spanish La Liga club RCD Espanyol, a sports club based in Barcelona, best known for its soccer team. Beginning July 2012, the German multinational sportswear manufacturer will become the provider of the official playing kits (soccer uniforms, soccer jerseys and more included) for all teams associated to RCD Espanyol, which also includes the Espanyol B Reserve team, and as well as all its youth teams.

Aside from providing the teams with nifty soccer uniforms and soccer jerseys, Puma will also be supplying fan wear, replica kits, and official merchandise, all of which are expected to launch sometime in July 2012.

The multiyear contract also grants the German sportswear specialist the global license for the entire range of RCD Royal branded merchandise in the following categories: clothing, footwear, and accessories.

The team-up will benefit Puma in a number of ways, such as increase its popularity in Spain. From there, income streams from the country, as well as other neighboring football fan-based countries, can be increased and fortified through the sale of Puma merchandise, such as soccer uniforms plus soccer jerseys.

According to Christian Voigt, Senior Head of Global Sports Marketing for Puma: “This new relationship with RCD Espanyol is another positive move for PUMA, as we are actively working to expand our brand presence in Spain.  La Liga also is considerably important within the global football market and a key focus for PUMA as we continue to grow our performance sport category portfolio in line with our ‘Back on the Attack’ strategy.  This partnership with RCD Espanyol is a further step in asserting our position as the clear number three football brand.”

Despite the fact that Voigt, stating in the last sentence of his quotation, that the partnership with RCD Espanyol will further help their company assert its position as the number 3 football brand, surpassing its top two competitors is unquestionably still part of their “hidden agenda”.

Whether true or not, pushing forward and attempting to dominate the competition (that’s clearly way ahead) is only natural for a business giant like Puma. If successful or not, the sale of replica playing kits, cleats, soccer uniforms, soccer jerseys plus other goods will undoubtedly help the company’s growth.

From RCD Royal’s point of view, the new partnership benefits the group in several ways as well. Joan Collet, the CEO of RCD Royal says: “PUMA will supply all our teams, including the juniors, womens and veterans, enabling Espanyol to strengthen the licensing and merchandising opportunities that can only come from working with a world leading brand.  As a club, we are very proud to have formed this partnership with PUMA”.


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