Soccer Uniforms go Hi-Tech

With all the marvelous skills a lot of footballers possess, their ability to work harmoniously with their teammates, and excellent soccer team management are crucial factors in this fast-paced game.  However, players and coaches are always looking for other advantages.

Aside from a player developing his skills, he’ll definitely need all the help he can get, such as that rendered by the best soccer uniforms, cleats and other accessories. While most outfits come with extra padding on specific areas for protection, breathable materials to vent heat, and other features that prevent sweat from building up, Under Armour has come up with something even better.

The sportswear company calls it the E39 – although it seems to be like most Under Armour compression soccer uniforms, the technology incorporated in developing itmakes it so much more. Fitted with a sensor to record vital data essential for effective soccer team management, seeing how players are doing and how well they’re performing can be done in real-time.

The sensor, which is known as the “Bug”, continuously monitors the player’s body. Data recorded includes the player’s heart rate, breathing and skin temperature. The info is then stored onto a 2GB hard drive, which is then wirelessly transferred to a computer, iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. This will allow soccer team management coaches to interpret the results and see how well a footballer performs during practice.

But the capabilities of the E39 doesn’t just limit itself to that described above – an accelerometer is another added feature which allows for the measurement of the player’s movements, as well as the amount of G-force he faces. Interpretation of this data is done through a software known as Zephyr.

Last year, a £50m deal between Under Armour and Tottenham Hotspur, for the latter to wear the E39 shirts, was signed. The contract was set to last for five years. Aside from the Spurs being delighted with getting new soccer uniforms and the hefty amount of cash, the soccer team management must have certainly enjoyed being able to monitor their players like never before.

Furthermore, if soccer uniforms like the E39 kit are allowed in competitive games, Under Armour plans to make some arrangements with broadcasters to stream the biometric data from players to live an audience within the stadium or viewers at home. This will allow the viewers to actually see just how exhausted the players may be, which could potentially enhance and improve their viewing experience.


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