Nike Soccer Uniforms Buying Guide

Nike is currently the industry leader in sports apparel, and has been known to release some of the best teams soccer uniforms today. However, just because they’re the best in the business, it doesn’t mean the only criterion left for a buyer to base his purchasing decision on is personal aesthetic taste.

Nike soccer uniforms come with a variety of features, and considering that most readers of this article are either amateur players or regular civilians who play the game just for fun, this article will be covering the essential features a soccer outfit should have to ensure optimal performance and comfort levels.

First and foremost, the ideal material that should be used in any teams soccer uniforms is 100% polyester. This fabric is incredibly lightweight, and dries pretty quickly in comparison to other materials. Nike’s trademark technology, Dri-FIT, further improves moisture and heat ventilation. Having such functions are crucial to boost performance and comfort levels.

To quicken the time it takes for a uniform to vent heat and moisture, see to it that mesh is placed at the sides and underarm areas. As an added bonus, the mesh helps improve breathability, therefore, increasing the player’s comfort levels, which ultimately leads to a spike in performance.

The sports apparel giant also releases outfits with additional features, such as mesh inserts around the collar area. This is a nifty feature that’d benefit players with additional comfort, since polyester rubbing around the neck can get really irritating.

When it comes to size, selecting teams soccer uniform that fits just right is crucial. Trainers and coaches know excessively tight outfits can hinder movement, which in turn affects a player’s ability to move about freely. Also, the absence of space between the fabric and skin isn’t good for proper ventilation.

On the other hand, getting uniforms that are too loose has a few drawbacks on its own as well. Wearing such apparel tends to make an individual more air-resistant, therefore, making it harder for him to run across the field over and over again.

Lastly, we have the price – some Nike soccer uniforms may be too expensive for some parents to afford. However, if the getups were to be purchased in bulk, vendors (especially online retailers) tend to offer special discounts. For a minimum purchase of $1000, some sellers tend to give a 20% discount. The magnitude of the discount given will vary from store to store, so it’s important to do ample canvassing before making the final purchase.


Fresh Innovations in Soccer Uniform’s Technology

In every sport the kind of uniform worn is a major, crucial part of the entire game. Sports uniforms are specifically designed to help players perform at their maximum. Some athletes wear short shorts to help them run better, football players wear heavily-padded gears for protection, while soccer jerseys are crucial for comfort while playing. It all depends on how the game is carried out and what the players need.

One of the most widely played sports game in the world is soccer. There are soccer fans all over the world from varying ages. Amateur soccer teams can be seen in schools and communities; children and youth train and learn the sport by heart eager to play as well as their World Cup idols.

For this reason, soccer uniforms keep evolving over the years. Innovations in design are being introduced by leading sportswear brands. They now come in different high-tech materials all for the purpose of enabling players to perform at their best.

Some major considerations in choosing the good kind of soccer uniform are: the kind of material, how lightweight it is, and its comfort. Leading sportswear brands today boast of soccer jerseys made of materials that allow the body to breathe and regulate temperature.

Moisture management fabrics are the best for soccer uniforms as they help keep sweat away from the body keeping the player dry and comfortable while playing. Not to mention that it resists odors. Cotton materials may be the worst to use for soccer uniforms as they retain sweat.

Soccer jerseys have also evolved into being as lightweight as possible to allow players to move in optimum speed while enjoying the best comfort possible. Socks are also a key item in the uniform. It has to be made of the right material to compliment soccer shoes and give the player better stability and comfort. A good pair of socks keeps feet dry and away from blisters.

The entire soccer uniforms from the jersey, to the shorts, down to the socks and shoes are carefully engineered to enhance every player and an entire team’s performing ability. The type of material and how it is sewn together are all engineered to boost better performance.

The best part is, most top soccer gear brands never sacrifice style even in their attempt to create comfort and functionality. Soccer players are still always seen sporting colorful, well-designed soccer kits.

Vancouver Youth Team Donates Soccer Jerseys

Disadvantaged school kids from all over the world are now sporting authentic soccer jerseys in the field, most of them for the first time. And they couldn’t be prouder! Just recently, a group of African kids received bright yellow soccer uniforms all the way from Vancouver, Canada.

These jerseys are courtesy of a project called ‘Play On’, which aims to distribute as many soccer jerseys as possible to different countries across the world where there are children passionate about the sport but lack the means to support themselves with proper gear.

‘Play On’ is the brainchild of two high school kids from Prince of Wales Secondary School—Natalie Fujisawa and Vanessa Yee. Being strong advocates of youth sports at their early age, both girls wanted to do something to help other children enjoy sports the same way their peers did in Canada.

“They were looking for a project that was tied around sustainability. [And] this is what they dreamt up!” shares Dave Fujisawa, Natalie’s father.

Realizing that soccer was one of the widest played sports around the world, Natalie and Vanessa began the mission of helping disadvantaged yet passionate kids enjoy this sport with the right uniform and proper gear.

The girls formed a group called ‘Vancouver United FC’ which is a collaboration between three Westside amateur soccer teams– Kerrisdale, Dunbar, and Point Grey. With these three teams joining together, they were able to gather around 3,000 soccer uniforms for donation.

To save on shipping costs, they try to work with individuals and groups who are travelling to certain countries and are willing to carry the soccer uniforms for distribution to children in selected communities. A local school who had students travelling to Kenya agreed to transport a number of soccer jerseys to a community of soccer-passionate kids.

“Recipients of the jerseys have been thankful and have sent back pictures of the kids,’ Dave adds.

To date, their project has carried soccer uniforms to thousands of children in Vietnam, Thailand, Uganda, Guatemala, South Africa, and an orphanage in Mexico to name a few.

‘Play On’s’ mission and advocacy is slowly gaining popularity across Canada with more and more schools, sports organizations, companies, and even individuals offering their support.

They are open to donations of uniforms and gear in good condition, such as jerseys, shorts, socks, soccer balls, cleats, and shin guards. All donations will be sent to disadvantaged children in developing countries in an effort to inspire youth across the world to pursue their love for sports.

For more details about ‘Play On’ and how to further support this project, log on to

Buying Xara Soccer Uniforms: A Guide

The best soccer jerseys, shorts and socks aren’t selected based on aesthetically attractive designs, but on how they help improve a wearer’s ability to perform and stay comfortable during training sessions plus actual games.

Xara soccer uniforms, in particular, have been shown to provide great aesthetic value, boost performance, and raise comfort levels. With that said, what key features should be sought after when looking to buy this type of apparel?

First important thing to look at is the main material used in creating the outfit. 100% polyester is a great choice, mainly because in comparison to other fabrics, polyester is lighter in weight, provides better breathability for the skin, and is surprisingly durable.

In addition to pure polyester, soccer jerseys should have mesh added to the sides and underarm areas. Heat and moisture tends to build up in these spots faster, therefore, having proper ventilation will definitely help players remain dryer. Moreover, this feature allows for a fuller range of motion with the upper body.

A much needed function that’d further benefit its user is improved moisture management. Each brand has their own technology and special fabrics which help players wick off the sweat, and in some Xara soccer uniforms, the feature is called Dri-X fabrics.

Ideally, the getups purchased should have an athletic cut which allows the players to achieve an even fuller range of motion. That said, size is also an attributing factor to moving about naturally. Wearing apparel that’s too tight would constrict upper and lower body movements, causing the player to wear down at an accelerated rate.

On the other hand, wearing outfits that are too loose would make the player less aerodynamic. The added wind resistance will cause an individual to exert more energy while running up and down the field, which is the last thing players need.

The features described above are applicable to both soccer jerseys and shorts. As for the socks, they preferably need to conform to the contours of its wearer’s foot. While purchasing socks made out of a combination of polyester, cotton and acrylic is alright, it’d be better if there were microfibers included as well. This helps vent moisture buildups better, and make its user more comfortable.

The tips shared here will help any individual find the best Xara soccer uniforms for practice or game. They should always be kept in mind, and weigh the heaviest when making the final purchasing decision.

Nike Creates ‘Recycled’ Collection

Leading sports brand Nike recently unveiled its newest collection of team soccer uniforms, just in time for the upcoming European Championships kick off.

Soccer icons Cristiano Ronaldo, Wesley Sneijder, and Franck Ribery were all spotted donning Nike’s latest collection of soccer kits—but these are no ordinary uniforms.

Nike’s new line is proudly ‘recycled’. The brand boasts of their new soccer uniforms to be the most eco-friendly kits ever produced in the soccer team’s history. The team soccer uniforms are lighter, more breathable, and are 96% made from recycled material.

Each shirt is made out of discarded plastic bottles recycled into polyester. Averages of 13 plastic bottles make up one complete uniform. To produce the entire collection, almost 13 million discarded plastic bottles were melted down into fabric, creating polyester material enough to cover more than 29 football fields– all these would have all gone to waste otherwise.

Nike also reduced energy consumption by not having to manufacture virgin polyester. Most of the recycled bottles used came from landfills in Taiwan and Japan. With the crying need to save the environment, the sportswear manufacturing giant didn’t think twice to support this cause with these new team soccer uniforms. And they did this without sacrificing the trademark Nike comfort, style, and design engineering for maximum performance.

“This jersey represents the spirit of French elegance, something recognized all over the world,” says Laurent Blanc, France’s coach. “The true collar, the new blue, [and] the addition of red really enhance the new kit. It goes well with the philosophy I want to create: creativity, humbleness, and ambition,” he adds.

With this new creation, Nike has definitely raised the bar of sportswear all over the world. These new line of uniforms were created specifically for teams in France, Portugal, Holland, and the United States. Recent friendly matches have shown soccer teams sporting the new Nike collection.

“France is one of the most successful and well known teams in the world, and we look forward to delivering innovative products to help them perform on the pitch,” says Mark Parker, NIKE, Inc. President and CEO.

Nike hopes to inspire sports lovers across the world to do their own share in saving the environment. The World Cup and the European Championships are one of the most widely supported sports events in the world, and with soccer teams seen wearing Nike’s recycled eco-friendly creations, the brand hopes to take the lead in bringing this ‘green’ advocacy in the arena of sports.

How to Buy Teamwork Soccer Uniforms

When budget is a main concern for purchasing junior soccer uniforms, the essential features should never be compromised just to save a few bucks. Although the relative “significance” of winning children’s soccer games is lower than competitions played by professional players, ensuring the junior footballers put on attire that’s comfortable and doesn’t hinder performance must be obliged.

Teamwork soccer uniforms have proven to give great value per dollar spent. That being said, what features should the ideal outfit possess in order to ensure higher comfort levels and better game performance? Here’s the first and relatively the most important pointer to keep in mind: 100% polyester should be the “main material” used in both the jersey and shorts.

Comparing this material to its other counterparts, pure polyester has proven to be the following: tough, so it can withstand the unavoidable wear and tear rendered through rigorous movements; better at ventilating heat and moisture builds; and a faster dryer whenever wet.

On top of this, mesh fabrics need to be anatomically placed at the sides and underarm areas. The tendency is the heat and moisture will be building up in these two areas first, and should ideally be vented through the mesh quicker.

Teamwork soccer uniforms are also finished with athletic cuts – this is an important feature which allows for natural full range movements. Arms need to be swinging about freely to help shift and stabilize the body’s weight while running or handling the ball.

As for the shorts, they shouldn’t be pushing up against the thighs too much; otherwise, the player wouldn’t be able to swing his legs freely, and he’d have to exert more effort to run. Having said that, the size of junior soccer uniforms need to fit according to the player’s body build. Getups that are too tight will constrict natural movements, while apparel that fits too loosely would make its wearer less aerodynamic.

The materials used for junior soccer socks need to be considered as well. The lower-end designs are usually comprised of fabrics such as polyester, acrylic, and cotton. While these are alright, their high-end counterparts usually include microfibers which help wick off perspiration better, give better ankle support, and lower the likeliness of developing blisters.

By following the tips listed in this article, the best Teamwork soccer uniforms will be selected. There are of course other factors to consider, but the ones discussed here are the most essential of all.

Puma Banking More On Soccer Shirt Sales To Weather European Slowdown

Puma currently ranks number three in terms of largest sportswear manufacturer around the globe. Best known to many through sponsorships of soccer teams and creating outstanding soccer uniforms plus other sports-related accessories, the German multinational company made a sluggish start this year, which is mainly due to the European economic crunch.

On top of the euro zone debt crisis at hand, rival sports apparel firm Adidas has made an exclusive marketing deal for the London Olympics, therefore, further restraining Puma’s ability to gain from sponsorships over athletes like Usain Bolt.

Despite the setbacks Puma faces today, the corporation’s CEO Franz Koch looks to turn things around by investing more on soccer. Koch, a former professional field hockey player, firmly believes that banking on the Euro 2012 soccer tournament, and the Olympics as well, is a key solution.

“We need to continue to weather the storms in Europe,” said Koch. He also added “We are positive about the sports events we have in the pipeline, about the product innovation we are launching and that’s why we still believe that 2012 can be a successful year for Puma.”

The Czech and Italian teams will be wearing upper garments which sport the famous Puma cat logo during the soccer championships. This marketing strategy could actually provide a greater short-term boost in sales as compared to the potential sales made from the Olympics. Advertising through soccer teams in soccer uniforms sporting the brand trademark is unquestionably a sound strategy.

“In terms of commercial opportunities, the Euro cup might be a bigger opportunity for us,” said Koch. He then added “You sell a lot of replica kits and fanware related to the teams and individual players. Therefore from a commercial perspective, the Euro cup is probably more interesting.”

Given the fact that Puma has sponsorship over several national soccer teams, the number of prospects has increased as well. Cedalla Marley, daughter of the late reggae star Bob Marley, has designed soccer uniforms which will be worn by the Jamaican team.

Team Jamaica has always been charismatic with its audience, and will serve as a key factor in marketing Puma. In addition to this, Cedalla Marley further enhances marketability through personal customization of the soccer kits.

“The Marley family and Usain Bolt are probably the biggest assets you can have when you talk about Jamaica. It’s not only us, it’s also the Jamaicans who are really proud of this partnership” said Koch