A Quick Guide To Buying Under Armor Soccer Uniforms

Under Armor soccer uniforms don’t only look good, but they offer an array of different features that have been proven to be comfortable and even enhance performance. However, most non-professional and civilian players usually don’t pay much attention to the features when it comes to picking out soccer jerseys, shorts, socks and other apparel.

Their main concern typically revolves around the aesthetic value offered by the outfits. While this aspect can help (in the sense that “good looks” naturally improve self-confidence, which leads to better performance), it’s generally the least important factor to consider.

That being said, an important feature that should be sought after when purchasing Under Armor soccer uniforms is the main material used, which should ideally be 100% polyester. Main reason behind this is the fabric is lighter in weight, is more durable, and it allows for better breathability, therefore adding up to improved comfort levels.

Soccer jerseys should also have mesh ventilations around the side and under arm areas, since heat generated around these areas spots are the biggest. This in turn allows for better moisture control. The sports apparel manufacturer calls this feature “HeatGear moisture control” and claims it helps keep the players drier throughout training sessions and games.

Good outfits should allow its wearer to achieve fuller ranges of motions. The cuts in the shorts and jerseys should not hinder the player’s natural movements so that energy is better conserved. As for the stitching of the getups, it should be durable, so that it doesn’t fall victim to casual wear and tear rendered by arduous movements.

The size selected should fit each player correctly – putting on garments which are too tight would constrict movements, while wearing outfits which are too loose would make the player less aerodynamic.

The socks should be carefully selected as well – the structure of a sock should conform to the foot in order to boost comfort. An embedded arch support would definitely help reduce foot fatigue. Having microfibers implanted throughout the socks would help wick off moisture as it builds, and at the same time, help the sock dry faster whenever wet.

There are of course, other features to consider when buying Under Armor soccer uniforms. Higher end soccer jerseys and apparel come with additional features, such as odor control. While not important, team members that smell fresher would be a nice bonus.


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