The Worst Soccer Uniforms in History

As much as soccer remains one of the most widely enjoyed sports across the world and even with sportswear brands continuing to engineer soccer gears for maximum functionality, there are still soccer uniforms that have gone down history for being the worst. And soccer fans can only hope it doesn’t happen again.

Soccer jerseys are created to enable players to function at their best and enhance their playing abilities. The kind of material, the make, and even the design all contribute to the functionality and comfort of entire soccer uniforms from jersey, down to the socks and shoes.

This is why leading sportswear brands continue to improve their craft creating better soccer uniforms for both amateur and professional playing teams.

Soccer fans have had to endure watching some of the worst soccer uniforms ever made and worn in pro-soccer games.

Most of the mistakes committed by uniform makers are the design itself.

In 1993, the Norwich team was seen sporting a color-bursting jersey that looked like a confetti explosion of yellows and greens. Following behind them is team Mexico’s 1994 soccer jerseys that had a bright psychedelic print of yellow, red, green, black, and blue. The players looked like running graffiti across the soccer field. This uniform, worn at The World Cup became widely talked about by sports fans across the World.

While soccer jerseys are by default made out of polyester material, unfortunately there are no default designs for them, that sometimes jersey designers over do themselves. In 1992, a soccer team with the nickname “The Tigers” welcomed their fans in an orange and black tiger printed soccer gear—truly living up to their nick name. These uniforms went trending in all sports news across the world. And it now serves as caution to teams creating their uniform design.

Once again, Mexico did not give up without a fight in the race for the worst jersey design ever. In 1998, their players came in a heavy-green colored uniform that looked like a child’s school artwork. No one really knew why they opted for a green color, but they did.

The success of a soccer uniform doesn’t only depend on comfort and functionality, but also on design. While less people make mistakes in using the right material, there are more who commit blunders in design and color mix matching. Hopefully these worst jersey designs would serve as a warning to soccer teams the next time they come up with uniform designs.


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