Joma Soccer Uniforms Buying Guide

To many amateur soccer teams, aesthetic value is usually the main criterion when it comes to picking out Joma soccer uniforms. Naturally, looking good on the playing field is a relatively important factor, but it isn’t the only thing that matters when selecting team outfits.

The actual materials used are just as crucial, as different fabrics offer special performance enhancing benefits during games. Moreover, when players are comfortable in their attires, they tend to play better and become less prone to fatigue.

Now, there are several different kinds of materials that may be used in the creation of Joma getups. Getting outfits made from 100% pure polyester is one option that’s recommended for soccer teams. The main reason behind this is the fact that this material is lighter, so it doesn’t hinder the player’s ability to run quickly and consistently.

The way that the material is knitted also plays an important role in terms of comfort, as venting moisture is essential for players to stay dry. Allowing the sweat to accumulate within can weigh the player down, deter he’s ability to move about freely, and make him extremely uncomfortable. All of these factors will have negative impacts on anyone’s soccer capabilities.

Other Joma soccer uniforms have mesh panels on the sides or underarms to allow for even further improved body heat and moisture ventilation, therefore further improving comfort levels plus overall performance when it matters the most.

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing uniforms is the size – obviously, the “one size fits all” rule doesn’t apply here. Each individual should wear attire that’s not too tight, as it’d prevent him from reaching his full range of motion. Also, it’s vital that the getup isn’t too loose, as this tends to make a player less aerodynamic, therefore slowing him down from running up and down the field.

A bonus feature that comes with several uniforms is the vice-versa color combination. Outfits can conveniently be inverted when playing home or away matches. This in turn eliminates the need to buy an additional set of uniforms during different types of matches.

Last and perhaps the biggest factor that soccer teams should consider when picking team apparel is the price. Some low-budget teams don’t have the luxury of buying the best brands or models, so sticking to mid-range or even above average priced Joma soccer uniforms would be a recommended option. Regardless, ensuring the features mentioned above are included in the outfits is a must.


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