Nike Soccer Uniforms Buying Guide

Nike is currently the industry leader in sports apparel, and has been known to release some of the best teams soccer uniforms today. However, just because they’re the best in the business, it doesn’t mean the only criterion left for a buyer to base his purchasing decision on is personal aesthetic taste.

Nike soccer uniforms come with a variety of features, and considering that most readers of this article are either amateur players or regular civilians who play the game just for fun, this article will be covering the essential features a soccer outfit should have to ensure optimal performance and comfort levels.

First and foremost, the ideal material that should be used in any teams soccer uniforms is 100% polyester. This fabric is incredibly lightweight, and dries pretty quickly in comparison to other materials. Nike’s trademark technology, Dri-FIT, further improves moisture and heat ventilation. Having such functions are crucial to boost performance and comfort levels.

To quicken the time it takes for a uniform to vent heat and moisture, see to it that mesh is placed at the sides and underarm areas. As an added bonus, the mesh helps improve breathability, therefore, increasing the player’s comfort levels, which ultimately leads to a spike in performance.

The sports apparel giant also releases outfits with additional features, such as mesh inserts around the collar area. This is a nifty feature that’d benefit players with additional comfort, since polyester rubbing around the neck can get really irritating.

When it comes to size, selecting teams soccer uniform that fits just right is crucial. Trainers and coaches know excessively tight outfits can hinder movement, which in turn affects a player’s ability to move about freely. Also, the absence of space between the fabric and skin isn’t good for proper ventilation.

On the other hand, getting uniforms that are too loose has a few drawbacks on its own as well. Wearing such apparel tends to make an individual more air-resistant, therefore, making it harder for him to run across the field over and over again.

Lastly, we have the price – some Nike soccer uniforms may be too expensive for some parents to afford. However, if the getups were to be purchased in bulk, vendors (especially online retailers) tend to offer special discounts. For a minimum purchase of $1000, some sellers tend to give a 20% discount. The magnitude of the discount given will vary from store to store, so it’s important to do ample canvassing before making the final purchase.


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