All About Soccer Referee Uniforms

In order for junior soccer teams to perform at their best, proper soccer team management needs to be implemented as much as possible. For many kids, it takes a while for them to learn special techniques necessary for enhancing their overall abilities.

Coaches and managers play vital roles in practically all aspects of the game and their teams. But when things get down to actually playing on the field, a referee (who can also be considered as a member of the soccer team management crew) is badly needed to call accurate penalties whenever necessary.

Youngsters have the tendency to get into heated arguments over unfortunate instances that take place on the field, which should ideally be quelled once the arbiter steps in and states who’s “fault” it really is.

For junior soccer teams that don’t have an official referee, and would like to hire one (probably a neighbor or anyone who has knowledge about the sport), but don’t know the specifics of the uniform to be worn, below is a breakdown of everything that’s needed to be known.

First and foremost, the referee has to wear a uniform with dissimilar colors from the team players – this is a standard measure taken to clearly identify and distinguish the ref from everyone else on the field.

For the shirt, there are several possible color combinations that can be selected, so long as it can easily be differentiated from the other soccer players. With that said, here are some of the popular combos: basic black with white collar, gold with black pinstripes, blue with black pinstripes, red with black pinstripes, and black with white pinstripes.

In addition, the top should be made out of 100% polyester in combination with other materials to help the ref vent heat and moisture, thereby helping him stay dry whenever possible. Moreover, there should be a pocket to hold the referee’s wallet, and a Velcro patch on the pocket of the shirt, so the badge of association can be worn without the need for sewing it on.

Soccer team management officials usually prefer having their referees wear black shorts with a total of three pockets (for holding the cards), wherein one has a Velcro closure. On top of this, a waistband will also be included – this is to ensure that the shorts don’t fall down accidentally while the junior soccer team ref tries to keep up with players running up and down the field.

Lastly, we have the socks – while the usual and preferred color is black, it is possible to get the socks with white stripes near the top part.


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