Play for a Different Nation and Wear their Soccer Uniforms

There are several soccer players who feel that their chances are slim when it comes to playing for their country’s national team. This is why they choose to play for other soccer teams and where a different set of soccer uniforms to be able to earn more caps and also have the opportunity to play at major tournaments. One nation that has plenty of talented players is Brazil. This is why a lot of players in this country have difficulty getting into the squad.  For instance, soccer fans worldwide know Deco as a player for Portugal, while Marcos Senna as a main participant in the success of Spain’s Euro in 2008. Both these players play for different countries but were actually born in Brazil. It is most likely that both of them felt that they would shine more by playing for a different country. This is an indicator that players still stand the chance even when playing for another nation.

Soccer teams from Germany, Italy, France, and England have benefited greatly from the rules permitting players to participate and play for a different country other than where they are from. A lot of England fans will not deny that Owen Hargreaves is one of the team’s best players, but is in fact actually from Canada. France on the other hand is known to pick some of the top players from the countries they colonize by the African coast. Patrick Viera is one of those players coming from outside France. He has helped the team win the 1998 World Cup and also the 2000 European Championships. Germany as well has strong connections to Turkey and Poland wherein most of their players have changed their allegiances. Lukas Podoski and Miroslav Klose are both from Poland but have been wearing German soccer uniforms, rather than their nation’s team.

Giuseppe Rossi who is American born plays for the Italian team. In addition, Italy also has two soccer stars from Argentina, which are Pablo Danial Osvaldo and Mauro Camoranesi. The rules regarding which soccer teams a player can participate in really helps small countries in acquiring top players. But this rule benefits big countries too.

It is quite clear that a player can opt to play for a different team other than the country that they were born in. But of course, there is some controversy to this as not everyone feels that these rules are appropriate. Regardless, international soccer is thrilling for everyone and it gives all talented players a chance to wear soccer uniforms and an opportunity to play for whatever team they choose.


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