An Overview On Soccer Uniform Features

There are many reasons why certain designs and features are included in teams soccer uniforms. The colors are used to distinguish teams from one another, and fans display their loyalty to their favorite teams or players.

The club’s badge is placed near the chest, as to show the rest of the world “what’s close to the wearer’s heart”. In the past, soccer uniforms were only allowed to take on very dark or very light colors.

The main reason behind this is the fact that television sets were only capable of displaying black and white. In order for the audience viewing the game back at home to distinguish team from one another, one team had to wear dark colors, while the other team light, so that the old-fashioned TVs could clearly display distinguishable shades of color of each team.

Today, the goalkeepers have to wear slightly different uniforms from the rest of the teams soccer uniforms. This measure was taken to clearly identify the goalkeeper, who was the only player allowed to use his hands in the game, from the rest of his teammates. On top of this, he’s the only one with a pair of special gloves for deflecting or catching the ball.

Moreover, referees and assistants have to wear outfits of different colors so they aren’t mistaken as other players on the field.

During the 19th century, soccer uniforms were not quite like the ones we see today. Back then, jerseys had collars and laces or buttons on them, since these features were considered to be fashionable during those days.  Additionally, the shorts worn back then were longer and made out of heavier materials.

The aesthetic and performance enhancing properties of the uniforms today aren’t just meant to help the players play better or look good in the process – they’re also intended to make similar merchandise more marketable.

Fans obviously enjoy dressing up in official team replica kits as a show of loyalty and love for their favorite teams, clubs or players. To make these teams soccer uniforms replica kits even more sellable, attractive designs and other features are added as well.

Placing mesh around the underarm areas and sides of the body helps vent out heat and moisture better. Polyester is the main fabric utilized in the replica soccer uniforms since it’s durable, lightweight, and wicks off sweat better than other materials.  

People of all ages can be seen sporting replica kits all over the world, thanks to effective marketing strategies rendered by top performing teams and players. 


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