Brazilian Teams Soccer Uniforms Used in Blood Donation Campaign

EC Vitória, a soccer team from Brazil has brand new kits for the forthcoming season that has sparked everyone’s attention. This teams soccer uniforms are known to be black and red and now have been changed. Of course the attention is not just brought about the designs of the soccer jerseys alone. To raise awareness and also be able to receive blood donations, the color red has been removed from the team’s jerseys. They started a blood donation campaign called ‘Meu Sange é Rubro-Negro,’ which in English means ‘My Blood is Red & Black.”

The team’s usual red and black soccer jerseys have now been replaced. For the new season they will be donning black jerseys that have horizontal white stripes. This could come as a shock to most of the fans who are used to nicknaming them team the “Red and Blacks,” with the red stripes on their jersey.

But of course there is a good reason for the change seeing as the club is supporting blood donation. The team hopes to gradually increase the color red in their uniforms as their fans support the campaign and donate blood.

Eventually the white stripes in the new teams soccer uniforms will be filled out in red while the quantity of blood donated rises. The base stripe will turn red once the first goal has been successfully reached. Then after that, the following stripe will be painted with completion of the next goal. This will continue on until the 4 stripes on the jerseys are red and back to its usual color. Surely a lot of fans will be eager to help in this campaign.

The team’s promotional ads for the blood donation campaign are seen all over Facebook as well as other social media sites. In the advertisements, the teams are asking the fans to take pictures during the blood donation and also reminding them that the EC Vitória has constantly bled for them. So now it is the fans turn to express their support by giving back through blood donations.

There are some people who are complaining about how teams soccer uniforms are often commercialized with various advertisements printed on them. These soccer jerseys in particular will not have any ads whatsoever. Starting a positive campaign such as this is a huge move in the world of soccer where sponsors pay a lot for advertising their brand on the uniforms of the players.

For sure this campaign will bring in a lot of blood donors and will rake in huge jersey sales as well.


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