Die-Hard Fans Are Angered By Inter Milan’s New Red Soccer Jerseys

Unfortunately, Inter Milan’s new soccer away shirt is not very popular amongst the team’s fans. In fact, it is already predicted not to render many sales. The Nike store said that Inter Milan’s newly launched away kit pays tribute to the team using team symbols and bold colors. However, Serie A side fans completely disagree. They have definitely noticed an exact similarity, and that the same color is used by their fierce opponents, AC Milan on their soccer jerseys.

The Curva Nord is a group of Internazionale’s extreme, die-hard fans, who are so angry with the new soccer shirts, specifically with the brand new strip. They are so unhappy with it that they even had a representative write a letter to the club’s president and owner, Massimo Moratti to mention their plan to boycott the new attire.

Many things were said in the letter regarding how unhappy they were with the design choice for the soccer jerseys. It discussed how their traditions and history had been insulted because the color is one that represents a different team. The fans feel like they have been punched in the face and in the gut because of the jersey’s color.

For the fans, they believe that red must only be used on the soccer jerseys together with the colors white and green to communicate the message, Champion of Italy. When it comes to centenary occasions, the soccer shirt could have a cross that is superimposed on a white color. These are the colors that represent the flag of their city.

In addition, these ultras are also urging Inter Milan fans not to purchase this piece of clothing. All the more, they are discouraging them to wear the new away shirts to the stadium during a match. As much as they love the team, they do not appreciate that the new shirt designs are insulting to the team, especially being so similar to a rival teams clothing.

At the moment, fans are still waiting to hear from the club’s President Moratti. However, Sky.it is predicting that this particular kit will turn out to be very unsuccessful, even before the members of the team wear it.

For the time being, Man City fans are also dealing with a similar situation. The maroon colored away shirt and jerseys they currently offer is quite close to the colors offered by the number two best Manchester team.


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