Importance of Soccer Coaching

Playing soccer is ‘in”nowadays, with so many sports enthusiasts eager to organize their own clubs. This is a good way of awakening the youth’s love for sports. As the organizer of the club, the initial step is to evaluate one’s own skill or competence as an organizer and inviting members to join the club. However, no soccer club can exist without soccer coaching. This expertise will also assist in soccer team management.

These are the basis in the formation of a soccer club:

1. Determine the ability of each player

2. Evaluate their speed and endurance

3. Calculate the number of substitutes that may be needed

4. Measure the team’ strength and identify their weakness

Create a formation that will give each player his or her best chances of winning. Identify who will make a great goalkeeper; who among the players is fast, tough and skillful that can play Sweeper; and choose Fullbacks with lots of endurance or lots of subs, or play on a short field. Practice by playing a 1-3-3-3 and push Fullbacks up to the halfway line during the attack. If the game is played on a long field, there is no need for having many subs. Fullbacks must be fast and full of stamina so he can be asked to push up to the halfway line during the attack. The game is better off using a 3-2-2-3 formation with 3 FB’s, 2 Defensive Midfielders, 2 Offensive MF’s & 3 Forwards. With proper soccer coaching, the team should be well organized.

In any formation, players have to be shifted with the ball; sag when on defense and push forward some on the attack. Soccer team management must establish clear rules for each one to follow, including their responsibilities.

In organizing a soccer team, age-group coordinators are responsible in creating teams according to age –level. This is done following the appropriate team formation process. After the formation of each team, the club president reviews and approves the composition of the team and submits to the club registrar for processing.

The duty of the club registrar is to register players to teams as submitted. He/she will also be responsible for getting and distributing player cards to every team; adding and eliminating players and giving team rosters to coaches upon request.

The system of play will cover the concepts of position, support, shift & sag, teaching teamwork combined with a formation and style of play.

Soccer coaching and good soccer team management are among the keys to organizing soccer clubs that produce winning teams.


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