Adidas To Incorporate Data Tracking Technology In MLS Soccer Uniforms

Everyone knows that teams soccer uniformsare carefully designed and embedded with features, which help the wearer feel more comfortable and perform better. Special padding may also be added to certain areas to protect against blunt force trauma brought about by accidental collisions.

During the Major League Soccer all-start game a couple of weeks ago, the MLS team defeated the visiting Chelsea Football Club (props to the latter for wearing “better-looking” soccer uniformsthough!) almost effortlessly.

Although this may not strike some readers as an interesting news, especially for the non-soccer aficionados, an interesting piece of info regarding the jerseys in which the MLS players wore during the match might prove to be the exact opposite for everyone.

One of the MLS’ biggest sponsors, Adidas, implanted data tracking technology in the uniforms of the players in the game during the match with the Chelsea Football Club – no, this wasn’t used as a sleazy tactic to gain an unfair advantage over their rivals.

Instead, the device actually recorded vital statistics regarding the wearers of the device. Known as the “micoach professional team tracking system”, the gizmo records info pertaining to each player’s position, speed, power output, intensity of play, acceleration, distance covered, and even GPS heat mapping.

What’s even cooler about this high-tech gadget is the fact that it can transmit the data back to the coach instantly, thereby allowing him to monitor performance, effort, and the current body condition of each of his players.

Apparently, Adidas began developing this type of technology years ago, and implemented cruder versions in a range of other teams soccer uniformsin the past.

Due to the device’s small size, placing it in the soccer uniforms(specifically resting in between the shoulder blades) can be done so effortlessly. Moreover, it can hardly be felt by the players wearing them, thanks to its lightweight and diminutive dimensions.

Furthermore, the league stated that they’d incorporate the “micoach professional team tracking system” in the rest of their teams by next season. Considering the fact that Adidas currently supplies teams soccer uniformsto the MLS, making modifications to include the special technology shouldn’t be a problem at all.

If all teams were to wear soccer uniforms infused with such devices, the viewing experience of the fans could very well be improved. The data streamed by every player can be displayed onto the big screen real-time, therefore giving the audience a better idea on how well their favorite players are performing, and the condition they’re currently in.


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