Soccer Uniforms Embody the Spirit of the Game

Soccer games are not only about scoring goals and defense, as most players and coaches believe. It has to do with the spirit of the game, which is embodied in the soccer uniforms. The uniform identifies the players as one, with a common goal – to win the game. Soccer coaching is intended to develop skills and a strategy for the players to win their matches.

The main skills of defending are:

1. Performing a Defensive header is learning the skill of playing in a defensive position with the expectation of the ball coming in the team’s area. The goal of this strategy is to clear the ball from the area and fling it as high as possible towards a team member. Calculate the direction of the ball and be prepared to jump defending the ball as the opponent will try to gain possession of the ball. The best direction to hit the ball is either towards a teammate or out of bounds.

2. Catenaccio Defensive Strategy means lock; considered in modern soccer as negative football. It has its benefits when done correctly. Like in modern football, its purpose is to create a solid defense. Using the Catenaccio strategy, the players must strive for a goal lead of 1-0. It would then build its defense by using numbers. The strategy is based around their sweeper. Assign two banks of three in his front using the defense and midfield to protect one another against the attack. Soccer uniforms help team members to identify each other while using this defensive strategy.

3. Zonal Defending is the third strategy where soccer coaching allows defenders to guard areas of the pitch or zones; not marking one particular player as in man -to -man marking. The defense will have four players line up along the six-yard boxes. One is placed in the near post, another in the middle, one between them and one on the far post. There will be four players in front for additional protection. They have to compete for the ball and clear it. The purpose of this system is to determine the most dangerous area to deliver the ball. So post the best headers in this area to win the ball or at least to clear the ball.

4. Cruffy Turnis used in shielding the ball from the opponent with his back toward the opponent and the ball nearest to his feet within his control. To perfect this skill; one has to practice with a ball, an opponent and quick feet.

Good soccer coaching gives the team the best chances of winning their matches. It will be a big hit for the players to receive their championship in their soccer uniforms.


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