Organizations Lend Helping Hand Mexican Junior Soccer Teams

Soccer can be played by practically everyone living in first-world countries. All it takes is a pair of football cleats, a fancy looking replica kit, a ball, and a few buddies to play with in a nearby grassy field. On the other hand, soccer jerseys, equipment and a field are not readily available for most kids living in less-fortunate countries such as Mexico.

Here, the youth don’t have the privilege of joining junior soccer teamsdue to financial encumbrances, and are therefore deprived of all the fun brought about by this exciting sport.

Fortunately, there are a few good organizations and people who are more than willing to step out of their comfort zones just to lend a helping hand to those in need. Pat Sullivan, a Nanaimo Gyro Group member, had a big enough heart to acquire and deliver enough jerseys to fit eight teams in the Cabo San Lucas area of Mexico.

Given the fact that the Nanaimo service club has the authorization to help the youth, Sullivan decided to take advantage of his given privilege by helping the underprivileged Mexican youngsters play their favorite sport by providing them with the basics required by the game.

To do this, Sullivan contacted a member of the Nanaimo Youth Soccer Association regarding soccer jerseyshe planned on giving to financially burdened soccer teamsin Mexico. “I was wondering if they had any use for uniforms they were recycling,” said the Gyro Member. “They put aside enough uniforms for eight teams, and six brand-new soccer balls.”

Sullivan then headed out to La Brilles, north of Cabo San Lucas, in June. Upon his arrival, he contacted the local youth soccer volunteers, and kindly gave them the uniforms he acquired on their behalf.

The reaction from the kids was priceless – they immediately thanked Sullivan for his efforts and the generous donation, wore the uniforms, and began playing the sport love to play.

Of course, the field is nothing like the usual ones seen in developed countries, wherein there are wide stretches of grass, goals, or bleachers for players to rest on when tired. “There’s not a blade of grass for 100 miles,” said Sullivan. “It hadn’t rained there since October.”

Despite the unfavorable playing field, the underprivileged junior soccer teamswere more than happy with the balls and soccer jerseysgiven, and continued to play to their hearts’ content.


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