One-Touch Passing Drills For Junior Soccer Teams

In this game, speed can kill – the efficiency of players in being able to pass the ball with a single touch can sometimes turn the tides of the match, or better yet, equate to victory. However, this skill isn’t easily mastered, as it takes time to develop the technique, especially when it comes to teaching the trick to junior soccerteams.

However, experienced soccer team managementcoaches have devised specialized drills that can help their young players gradually perfect this important technique. Listed below are some of the most popular training methods used by trainers for their team members.

One drill requires the coach to divide the entire team into two, pair them off, and give each duo a ball. Every twosome will stand approximately ten yards away from each other, and pass the ball back and forth with one touch. As they get more accustomed to the ten-yard distance, upping it to twenty yards or more can be done.

To make the exercise even more productive, have each pair compete amongst themselves – say for example, the first duo to make sixty passes gets a free bucket of ice cream (again, for example purposes only).

Moreover, grouping the members of the junior soccerteam into threes is also possible – here, two of the guys will stand with the ball on the outside, with one player acting as the worker in the middle. Soccer team managementcoaches should then instruct the guy to check and lay off the ball with one touch, using the inside/outside of his foot, chest, head, laces volley and inside volley. He does this for about a minute, and then alternates with the next guy on the outside.

To make things more exciting for the youngsters, having each group compete against his fellow teammates can be done. For example, the “worker” who can complete the most passes in the span of one-minute gets a bucket of fried chicken.

Another drill involves a little 3 on 1, one-touch game, in a 10×10 grid – here, due to the presence of a defender, more pressure is placed on each player. The individual who loses possession of the ball will have to function as the defender during the next round.

All these drills are commonly utilized by soccer team managementcoaches for teaching the one-pass technique to their junior soccerteams. If implemented correctly, it won’t be long before the players significantly improve their ability to execute this type of pass!


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