Whitecaps Looking To End Losing Streak In Dallas As MLS Playoffs Draw Near

Things have been going a little rough for the Vancouver Whitecaps during previous matchups against rivals. After losing four games in a row, soccer coaching experts are starting to think that the once seemingly surefire playoff spot appears significantly less attainable as the end of Major League Soccer’s regular season draws near.

In order to remedy the situation, soccer players of the Whitecaps unquestionably have to improve their play during their next matchup against the FC Dallas at Texas. Vancouver, currently at fifth place, is leading against Dallas by four points in the race towards the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

Despite the pressure piling on top of their shoulders, the team’s players are still remaining calm. “You have to be smart and not panic, because we’re not in a panic stage,” said Jay DeMerit, captain of the Whitecaps. “We’re still in a good spot. After a pretty long slide, we’re still in a pretty good spot, so that’s a major positive for us, because we know that we’ve had great instances of character this year.”

Contrary to the statement made the soccer team’s captain, soccer coaching experts point out a few aspects of the situation in which they believe DeMerit could have missed while making the statement which includes the fact that the Vancouver-based team is coming off aheart-breaking 2-0 away loss to LA.

Moreover, some of the team’s players weren’t able to suit up against Galaxy due to injuries, suspension, and Coach Martin Rennie’s decision to keep players rested prior to the stretch drive towards the season finish.

Furthermore, the majority of regulars aren’t available–this includes the team’s top scorer Darren Mattocks, who was given a red card during a game against Portland, which prevented him from joining the matchup against LA.

Despite the odds stacking up unfavorably against the Canadians, DeMerit, as well as other soccer coaching experts, still believe they can emerge triumphant. “We’ve bounced back and had some good performances, and the guys that have done that are still here,” said the soccer team’s captain.

“We’ve added quality players that are still trying to work into doing that with us. We all know that there’s enough in the dressing room to go not only to the playoffs, but to try to compete in the playoffs. That has to be our goal.”


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