The Vital Role of a Soccer Referee

Right at the center of the vast soccer field is the soccer referee who enforces the laws of the game and oversees everything in the field;much like a soccer team management that is responsible for overseeing their players and the overall play of their teams.

Becoming a soccer referee is not an easy task.  There will always be someone who will think that a call was wrong or uncalled for and will even cause a commotion.  Things like this can happen in any game, from junior soccer to professional games.  As a referee, taking all these in a stride is still the best thing to do.

Duties &Responsibilities

Aside from looking good while wearing the referee uniforms, soccer referees are also responsible for a lot of things, which include the following:

  • Making sure that the soccer ball and player equipment meet the game requirements.
  • Keeping the game’s official time, aided by the assistant referees.
  • Recording match goals as well as the cards given out.
  • Stopping the play for goal and corner kicks, injuries, and fouls.
  • Allowing the play to proceed after deciding that the team fouled is at an advantage.
  • Ensuring the safety of all the soccer players in the field.

The things mentioned above may be the soccer referee’s main responsibilities however a referee can also discipline the team official right on the bench if deemed necessary.  Serious offenses can cause team officials to be sent away from the ground or to their dressing room.

Players with Injury

The referee can decide to stop the play if a serious injury is observed among the players.  Before calling for medical help, the referee needs to speak to the injured player first.  Medical assistance will be requested if the player is not able to leave the field.  The referee will decide if the player is fit to return to play.  Players who refused to leave the field when ordered are handed the yellow card.

Referee Positioning

A soccer referee must know where to take position in the field to be able to see everything that is happening while the game is on.  A perfect position in the field also allows referees to converse with the players if there is a need for it and to hear any exchange of words between players.

To easily cover the whole field, a referee needs to be healthy and fit.

Equipment for Referees

To perform the job effectively, soccer referees also need proper equipment, which include:

  • Good whistle so players can hear it
  • Referee’s wallet with game records and cards (yellow and red).
  • Flags for the assistant officials.
  • A watch to properly time the play.
  • Excellent soccer footwear.

Undivided Attention

As a referee, maintaining the control of the game is important.  Referees need to be aware when to stop a play or when to let the flow of the game continue.

To be a soccer referee is to embrace a rewarding yet challenging job.  It doesn’t matter if the referee is officiating in a junior soccer game or in the World Cup finals.  People will always respect good soccer officials as much as they respect an impressive soccer team management.


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