Sports Agency Sues MLS and LA Galaxy Over Keane Signing

Along with the help of Major League Soccer, the Los Angeles Galaxy Club was able to acquire Ireland captain Robbie Keane. Soccer team management officials were pleased with the move, as the Irish footballer helped his new team become Major League Soccer Champions in 2011. Moreover, the 32-year-old striker scored the penalty kick which rendered them victorious against Kazakhstan in the opening 2014 World Cup qualifier.

As proud as members of Keane’s previous soccer teams are of the talented player’s notable achievements with his new comrades, not everybody is pleased with the transfer. Sports agency Real Time International Ltd (RTI) is taking legal action against the MLS and LA Galaxy club in Manhattan federal court.

RTI is demanding at least $385,000 from both organizations as a result of the accused acquiring valuable information from the complainant without compensation.

Here’s the series of events which eventually provoked RTI to file thelawsuit: about a year ago, a senior member of the Los Angeles Galaxy club contacted the sports agency to solicit help in finding a player that the club could buy within a span of ten days.

As RTI began to scour different soccer teams, they were finally able to identify Robbie Keane. From that point on, Galaxy’s soccer team management official simmediately began direct negotiations with the English Premier League club Tottenham. Keane eventually was signed by the LA Galaxy from Tottenham for $5.7 million.

Since the sports agency found the Irish striker, they expected a customary transaction fee of a percentage of the $5.7 million deal. However, LA Galaxy refused to pay any amount to Real Time International Ltd.

With news of the deal gone badly (from the agency’s standpoint,) reporters immediately began contacting the accused in an attempt to get their angle on the story. However, the spokesman for Major League Soccer refused to make any comments pertaining to the lawsuit, while a representative for Los Angeles Galaxy couldn’t be reached.

After exerting all efforts to get favorable feedback from both organizations, RTI was left with no choice but to take matters to court.

Accused soccer team management officials still haven’t released any statements to the media. On the other hand, several comments were made by other league soccer teams regarding the situation, with one side saying they should have paid the customary payment, while the others believe they have every right to refuse such a request.


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