Premier League Players and Names on the Uniforms

At the beginning of every soccer season foretelling the outcome of games is just a portion of the total excitement.

And fans love to guest who will get sacked first among the managers.

Last weekend, Barclays Premier League made a precognition on what soccer jerseys are the potential winners and the three team soccer uniforms that may be included in the relegation spot at the end of the season.

Every time Italy or Spain changes managers, English-speaking soccer fans would have this “are-they-out-of-their-minds?” reaction.

This view was even amplified when it took Barclays Premier League until December to sack its manager for its 2011/12 season.  Sunderland’s move to ax Steve Bruce also surprised some fans.

Chelsea, Wolves, and Queens Park came next with the much proclaimed Andre Villas Boas, grouchy Mick McCarthy, and the less proclaimed but outspoken Neil Warnock when all of them were given the marching order.  This QPR move was vindicated after the team escaped demotion on the season’s final day.

What happened to the Wolves reminds everyone to be careful in wishing for something or things might only become worse.  Though Wolves managed to get a spot on three relegation positions when they terminated McCarthy, there was no positive effect on the club when Terry Connor, the assistant manager took over McCarthy’s position.

It became more of a failure.

The weak performance of the Wolves got even worse and the team succumbed to a drop.

On the contrary, appointing Robert Di Matteo the assistant manager by sacking Villas Boas proved to be the right decision for Chelsea.

Even though the Chelsea league failed to take off, the team obtained cup success by winning Champions League and FA Cup.

Since the season ending, some changes and terminations have occurred.

Alex McLeish had only stayed for several days during the 2012 season.  After a year of being Aston manager, Villa McLeish was filled in by Paul Lambert, a Norwich manager.  Chris Hughton took charge of Norwich.

Lambert received accolades after he brought Norwich to mid-table finish.  Before, teams with great achievements were always anxious of player raids by bigger teams.  Nowadays, it has also spread to managers.

Brendan Rodgers also received great praises when Swansea proved the fans and experts wrong in believing that Swansea will not be last after a season.


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