Girls Soccer Team Pay Tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Girls Soccer Team from Virgin Valley High wore their new soccer uniforms during a match at Mesquite Center on Thursday.

The Bulldogs, as they are called, defeated the Desert Pines High’s team with a score of 4-0.  The team took inspiration from their tri-colored uniforms of black, green, and pink colors.

There was a game delay of approximately 2 hours because of lack of available referees.  This however did not dampen the spirit of the ‘Dawgs, who remained upbeat and continued to do so even during the game.

After the 1st half of the game, the ‘Dawgs were leading 2-0 against the heavily favored Jaguars.  The Bulldogs’ effective defense made it impossible for the Jaguars to score a point during the 1st half.  Spence Green, the ‘Dawgs goalkeeper was at her best with an impressive 12-save feat during the game.

The final score of 4-0 had the Bulldogs celebrating with glee.  Karson Bryant scored two goals, which was closely followed by Jasmine Correa and Briana Tilto, each managing to score a point.  Bryant also managed two assists while Emma Dodienbier had one.

Scott Trimming, the ‘Dawgs coach was happy with the result indicating that it provided the Bulldogs its two-straight win.  Coach Trimming added that because of the win the girls have become confident that they can play against the best performing soccer teams in their group.  The coach also credited the defensive efforts of Sam Cunningham, Emily Reath, Marleen Quiarte, Estaphany Camacho, and Anna Mejia, which helped the team shut down the offensive play of the Jaguars.  Coach Trimming added that he is proud of the girls and has faith in what they are capable of doing not only inside the field but outside the field as well.  Coach Trimming’s soccer coaching technique was effective and also helped the team score.

The team will be playing their two away game events and will return by October 18 as they host the Boulder City.  The ‘Dawgs, with 2-4 in league play are set to play consecutive games against 5 soccer teams that are included in the league.  This means that the ‘Dawgs have to work extra hard to maintain its game composure and be able to execute the necessary moves during the scheduled 5 games in a row.  Not only that, the game will also need Coach Trimming’s effective soccer coaching to help them put on another impressive game performance.


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