New Hooped Kits for Gophers

The Women’s Football Team of UMN (University of Minnesota), Golden Gophers will be sporting new teams soccer uniforms and better soccer team management to start the opening of this season’s Big Ten.  The team will be taking a trip to Ohio in Columbus to play against Buckeyes. said that its team usually gets new teams soccer uniforms every couple of years and the new sets are scheduled for this year.  However due to Gopher’s coaching change, the uniform switch was held off by John Blackshear, the team’s equipment manager.  He wants to put off the selection until Stefanie Golan; the new coach is involved.  Deana Wainturb and Krystle Seidel, assistant coaches, senior player Tam Strahota, and Blackshear were all asked by Golan to provide assistance.

Due to the delay, the arrival of uniforms was delayed as well.  However on Thursday the uniforms arrived and were presented to Gophers when Steph Brandy, a redshirt junior and Katie Bethke, an undergraduate assistant coach accidentally revealed the new hoped kits during the team’s meeting.

Strahota shared how excited she was but could not reveal the secret and how she would just make excuses to the team when asked why there were no new soccer uniforms for the season.  She said that she felt relieved that the surprise has been revealed.

Golan, the team’s head coach commented on how sharp the jerseys looked that it gave the team a sense of uniqueness and flare.  She also said that the team will begin the season conference with the new kits.  The new kits will make the team play, look, and feel good.  The team is enticed with its new look, which is another reason for them to feel excited for the season.

Katie Thyken, a sophomore, also commented how she liked the new uniforms and the nice and fresh look it would give them.  She hopes that it would be a good start for them in the Big Ten game and they are willing to work hard to get the title.

Gopher will require their new hooped kits and better soccer team management because of the team’s disappointing openers with record of 7-8-3 since 1994.

Taylor Uhl’s Impressive Scores and Records:

Last week, Taylor Uhl, a sophomore forward landed on top spot of NCAA statistic with her 26,11 goals accompanied with 4 assist moves after last Sunday’s hat trick, which was her second for the season.

Uhl broke the record for scoring during the first ten minutes in consecutive matches, as she scored against San Diego.  She also repeated the streak in two additional games.  However the Western Kentucky ended Uhl’s streak when they overshadowed her throughout their match.

Four days after the match with Western Kentucky, Uhl’s record for scoring at least one in her 11-match goal streak ended when her team lost to the San Diego in 1-0 score.


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