New Soccer Facility for Nicholls

After several years of wearing their soccer team jerseys at home and waiting in the cars during rain delays, the soccer team of Nicholls State University finally has its own building.

On Friday, before the soccer team match against the McNeese State where they were defeated to a 0-1 score, the players gave their fans and donors a peek into their building as they beamed with happiness.

The building has its covered patio where the door opens into the lounge designed with tables and walls colored with Nicholls-red and gray respectively.  From the lobby, the locker rooms, coaches office, and meeting room can be accessed.  The building has its training room, laundry room, public restrooms, and concession area.

Nicholls’ soccer players kept grinning especially Carolyn Noble, the senior team captain.

Noble told the freshmen how fortunate they were and reminded them not to forget the beauty of the room and to be forever grateful.

The Canadian native is most pleased after so many years of playing with the team and not having the necessary facility for the team to practice and train as what other soccer teams are privileged to have.

She recallad the times when it would rain and the team would run to their cars and wait until the rain stop before they can play again.  For the away matches against other soccer teams the idea of having a changing room/locker room was already considered a treat for the team.

Similar to other Nicholls projects, the building took years to complete because the school still had to collect the funds from different places.  The cost of the facility was $450,000 with the addition of the Lorio Foundation grant, fundraising efforts from various campuses, and student self-assessed fee.

Stephen Hulbert, the President, said that the building should have been finished long ago.  The facilities came from students and friends who supported the fees and not the state.

The building is among those projects built by the school despite budget cut by utilizing local businesses’ donations and student fees.

The building’s name originated from Nicholls’ former soccer coach Lester Rimah during the time when there was men’s soccer team in Nicholls.  He became famous in the soccer field from 1984 to 1987 when he brought his team to the tournament finals of SEC and produced some all-star players.

Dylan Harrison, the current coach said that his team will thank the community by way of giving back.  The building is a proof of the community’s support to soccer and wants the community to expect the team to pay back by being the youth’s role model, aside from doing service.


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