Roger Federer and his Brazilian Soccer Uniform

Roger Federer, who won 17 Grand Slam titles in tennis is currently visiting Brazil for his scheduled national tour with Gillette as sponsor.  In Roger’s Facebook page, a photo of him wearing Brazilian volleyball and soccer uniforms were posted to the delight of his fans.

The Fed was wearing the Nike volleyball kit with the 4 kneepad swooshes.  The number of swooshes is stunning, even with Nike’s standard and definitely sets a record of some sort.

Aside from the visible swooshes, what probably keeps everyone more stunned is that Federer did not have his own No. 17 on the back of the Brazilian jerseys he was seen wearing in the photos.  It has become the great Roger Federer No.17-less.  How could this be?  Federer and Nike love mentioning No. 17, to let everyone know that it’s the number of times that Federer won the Grand Slam titles.  And if that’s not enough, they also love putting the No. 17 on Federer’s shirts, bags, and shoes.  This literally makes Federer the walking No. 17.  Who knows, we might come across articles mentioning that the Fed can’t sleep without his 17 pillows with him or that he has to chew whatever he eats 17 times prior to swallowing.

Missing an opportunity to wear the No. 17 on the jersey is very un-Federerian.  It’s simply unimaginable.  What will happen next?  Will he start losing Grand Slam titles and start winning games on clay courts?  Will he refrain from taking suggestive swipes directed toward Andy Murray during press conference?

The photos revealed Federer wearing the No. 10 on his soccer jerseys.  Choosing No. 10 didn’t seem like a random act of foolishness though since the number is considered of historical value when it comes to Brazilian soccer.  The No.10 isn’t just a junior soccer player’s jersey number.  The great soccer player Pele carved the No. 10 throughout his soccer career.

Come to think of it, having Federer wear the No. 10 on his soccer jersey is akin to handling Obama the No. 3 jersey of the famous baseball player Babe Ruth.  It cannot be.  Either go for No.1 or pick the No. 44.  In between is a definite non-no.

Federer posted a caption on one of his soccer photos.  He asked everyone what his nickname would be if he’s a soccer player.

Since he’s not talking about junior soccer here, it might be a good idea to give him a professional-sounding name that soccer fans will enjoy chanting out loud.  So here it goes:

  1. Fedinho:  Say what Ronaldinho?
  2. Roge:  You can pronounce it anyway you like.
  3. Swiss Miss:  Assuming that the Fed wouldn’t show any soccer ace moves in the field.

This is only a short list so Federer have to make do with this list.

Instead of soccer nicknames, one better question would be who among the tennis players will be crowned soccer’s worst flopper?  Murray prefers the dramatics so David Ferrer would be a better choice.


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