How To Save Money On Soccer Uniforms

Playing soccer is an excellent way to vent stress and have tons of fun in the process. Nothing beats that adrenaline rush players get while defending or attacking, nor can anything compare to the addictiveness of this game’s demand for skills to gain victory over rivals.

However, a problem that’s faced by lots of people, and even low budget soccer team managementofficials, is the hefty price tags attached to the good soccer uniforms sold at specialty shops. A single item such as a pair of cleats can rack up a bill of $400 and beyond, which would be a little too steep for anyone.

Regardless of the relative expensiveness that’s tied to the price tags of most merchandise, it’s still possible for any individual to save cash while purchasing such goods, without sacrificing performance or aesthetic value.

With that said, before buying entire kits, it’d be much better to start off with the essentials, namely: cleats and shin guards. For the former, these could range anywhere from $40 to $450 and beyond. While the expensive ones usually come with additional features that slightly enhance performance, they’re essentially more of a luxury than they are a necessity as part of soccer uniforms.

A pair of shoes priced around $60 will do the trick for anyone – most brands such as Adidas and Puma offer models at this price range which perform just as good as their pricier counterparts.

As for the shin guards, these are worth anywhere from $8 to $120. Soccer team managementexperts say that being cheap about this particular item is not recommended, as the blows dealt to the shin bone can leave bruises that last for weeks. Also, strikes to the lower leg can temporarily debilitate players from moving or performing at their best.

That being said, purchasing comfortable shin guards with ample padding priced at $25 to $35 is recommended, as most products belonging to this price range are typically of great quality.

These two items are undeniably the most important ones amongst all the other elements of soccer uniforms, so most of any individual’s budget should be channeled here. When there’s extra cash at hand, purchasing the other niceties of this sport can be done right after.

Soccer team managementofficials say that jerseys made out of 100% polyester are great (yet affordable) for venting heat and moisture. Also, shorts should be lightweight, and contain materials that vent heat and wick off sweat as well.


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