What Soccer Was Like 3000 Years Ago

The fact that soccerhas achieved worldwide popularity amongst millions of fans can be attributed to a number of factors, such as extraordinary skills displayed by numerous soccer teams, their unwavering will to win, the aesthetically pleasing plus branded kits worn by players, as well as each player’s interesting back stories relevant to their rise to stardom.

While everyone knows this sport has existed for quite some time now, not many individuals are aware that primitive versions of this extremely physically demanding sport have actually been around for more than 3,000 years.

Despite the fact that this game went through a series of evolutions, and the sport was played differently by people of many cultures, researchers discovered that the game’s fundamentalsstill remained.

According to texts gathered by investigators, citizens of China and Japan formed teams and engaged friendly competition where they’d kick a ball around a small surface area. Based on information revealed in these texts, the game which they played had various similarities to soccer.

Research also reveals that a similar version of the sport was part of the ancient culture of Romans and Greeks as well. Moreover, many believe that one of the two nations introduced this fun-filled game to other countries, including several areas in Asia.

The Mesoamerican population had also come up with their own unique version of the sport. Just like the way soccer teamsplay the game today, a ball was involved, and the only way to move it was done by using the lower body.

However, the balls they had to kick were made out of rubber, and their goal was a basket strapped to the wall at several locations, making this game a whole lot more difficult. As the years progressed towards the Middle Ages, a more similar version of soccerwas seen in Europe.

Popularly known as “mob soccer” during those days, the game involved the use of a heavy leather ball, and there were an unlimited number of participants allowed to play. Considering how there were no restrictions on the number of players allowed to join both soccer teams, an entire town could feel free to join the game if it wanted to.

With hundreds of adrenaline-pumped individuals running after a ball bouncing across the field, there were times where it seemed a little too chaotic for safety to be a primary concern.


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