Football fans who want to buy soccer jerseys of their favorite players or teams need to be meticulous about the merchandise they choose. The immense popularity of football has exponentially spawned copycats in the garments industry producing substandard and low quality team soccer uniforms. Those purists among football followers will certainly shy away from purchasing these goods. Such items are most often much cheaper but they lack the authenticity that the dyed-in-the-wool football followers would want to wear as they cheer for their idols.

Prior to purchase, some research is necessary to have a garment as close to the original soccer jerseys of one’s favorite team. First, find out the official outfitter of the team you are rooting for. With a very popular team, chances are that its soccer uniforms are being mass-produced in commercial quantities, in which case, the desired merchandise may be easily available at an affordable price. Watch out too for some developments between soccer team management and the organization’s official outfitter. There could be changes as in the case of the recent shift of England’s national soccer team to Nike as its official outfitter. Aside from Nike, many athletic clubs and school teams have Adidas, Puma, or Rebook as the manufacturer not only of their uniforms but also other paraphernalia used by the teams.

Note also the varying designs and color schemes among commercial football clubs, school teams, and national soccer squads. Typically, imitations of team soccer uniforms would have inferior coloration and design compared with the official outfitter’s products. It will likewise be beneficial to distinguish a team’s practice or training uniform from the one worn during official games or competitions. Some teams may even have soccer jerseys exclusively for games out of their home court and another for home games. Knowing the particular jersey number used by one’s favorite player, of course, would be S.O.P. in the choice.

As an aside, the jersey numbers of soccer players traditionally denote the team’s starting formation, i.e., number 1 for the goalkeeper, number 2 for the right back-defender, etc., with the numbers 12 and onward given to reserve players. Now, however, the jersey numbers, except for the goalie, have increasingly become stand-alone, not necessarily reflecting a player’s role or importance to the starting lineup of a team.

With these factors to consider in buying authentic team soccer uniforms, going for an online purchase offers tremendous advantage. With fingertip information available on the Internet, one can easily check the official outfitters for certain teams and their players’ soccer jersey numbers.  Notably, most team outfitters maintain websites of their own and major football clubs also have online presence. As advantageous, there are a lot of online shops selling sports apparel by which to compare prices and to check product availability.


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