A senior student at the Quigley Catholic High in Baden (PA), Caitlan Carney, has high hopes that her school service project primarily involving used youth soccer uniform and equipment will make a big difference among the needy kids in Haiti. Carney has been involved in similar undertakings since she was a fourth grader, and the idea on how to assist the Haitian youth came nearly as second nature to her. It also helped a lot that she was co-captain of Quigley girls’ soccer team and that her teammates were as enthusiastic on the project.

The eighteen-year-old Carney organized a collection drive on new and slightly used uniforms and equipment among her teammates on the Quigley girls’ soccer team. Her efforts bore fruit in an assortment of balls, shirts, shin guards, and soccer training paraphernalia worth over $1,000. These items were donated to GOALS (Global Outreach and Love of Soccer) Haiti, a non-profit organization that uses soccer as a medium to reach out to children in Leogane, Haiti. Through soccer, GOALS is able to extend not only education but also awareness about community service, health, and similar values to the children in Leogane and its surrounding areas.  Notably, Leogane was at the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake that ruined much of Haiti. Every month, GOALS, which is based in Sarasota, Florida, extends its services to more than 600 children.

Carney picked up on the activities of GOALS from the Internet. She was very pleased with her efforts which turned out to be her first international undertaking. What she really wanted for a school project was something that has to do with youth soccer and helping children. “Organizing it was a lot of hard work,” she said, “but worth the effort.”

What Carney accomplished was outstanding, according to Jolinda Hackett, GOALS program officer. It is rare for high school students to send them donations, she said. Most come from Boy and Girl Scouts and groups affiliated with universities, colleges, or the military, the GOALS officer added. Without having to buy soccer uniform, she said, her organization can reach even more children and families because of Carney’s donation. Patty Miller, who is in charge of Quigley Catholic High’s girls’ soccer coaching, gave credit to Carney for developing the idea. Some of the girls in the team, she said, were into soccer since they were four years of age, accumulating in the process a sizable collection of reusable team soccer uniforms and equipment.



Buying soccer jerseys in malls is fine. But online purchases may even be better. Why so? This is because of the wide variety of team soccer uniforms now available in the market. And soccer being a male-dominated domain as it is, most males would want to leave the perusing and fitting of garments to the girls. The thing is male soccer fans who abhor traditional shopping can find it quite difficult to have a good choice of the soccer uniforms they really want. From the simple white kits that the football pioneers wore in the late 1830s, soccer jerseys have morphed to the mind-boggling colorful choices of today that can fortunately be browsed fast via the convenience and accessibility of the Internet.

Notably, during the early days of the game in the Victorian period, the all-white soccer uniforms didn’t even have numbers, and teams were only distinguished by the scarves that the players wore. It was only when the sport became more organized that soccer jersey numbers were introduced, and 1 to 11 were adopted to denote the team’s starting formation and the specific player’s roles; the numbers 12 and onward were for a team’s reserves. In this setup, number 1 was assigned to the goalie, number 2 to the right back-defender, and so on.

In more recent times, however, only the goalie kept the number 1 assignment, because across football-crazy countries, there were variations in soccer team management interpretations on what the numbers 2–11 stand for in terms of players’ role. Moreover, some numbers became identified with some star players because of the tremendous growth in the following and media coverage of football games. This phenomenon was dramatized in the 715 million estimated viewership of the 2006 France–Italy World Cup Finals.

In soccer’s early years, players foot the bill to buy team soccer uniforms, and all but naturally, football clubs with modest means had to opt for less expensive design and color schemes. With the professionalization of the sport, soccer team management now shoulder all costs associated with ball club activities and negotiate commercial sponsorships as well.

More elaborate styles, hence, came about as garments and sporting goods manufacturers saw the huge marketing potential of soccer. Styles that have become in vogue included soccer jerseys with wide vertical stripes and laced crew necks, with horizontal-striped soccer shirts with V-necks vying for attention too. Materials used likewise came to be revolutionized with the arrival of soccer jerseys made of durable but lightweight fabrics like polyester. All told, these developments now make for a dizzying field of choice of team soccer uniforms that can be best navigated via online sports stores.

The Diversity Of Goods Sold By Soccer Shops Today

Back in the old days when this sport hasn’t become the worldwide sensation it is today, there was a limited supply in soccer jerseys plus other related merchandise available for sale. The functionality of teams soccer uniformswas also restricted, with their main features centered on pleasing designs and sturdy material.

The same could be said for cleats, balls, plus all other products used by players, amateurs and fans alike. However, this was decades ago, and dedicated soccer shops are now sell significantly wider selections of goods infused with highly-improved features, and more importantly for soccer fans, greater aesthetic value plus overall affordability.

Balls are no longer distinguished by a simple stamp or brand printed somewhere on the ball. Technological advances have allowed manufacturers to select lighter and stronger material which helps players perform better during game time.

Moreover, there’s a variety of other types of balls which are built differently to cater for different needs: some balls are designed for children, others are manufactured for practice sessions, while the rest is built identical to that used in official major league soccer matches.

Soccer jerseysalso come in a wide range of various types to provide for specific needs. Polyester is used to make it more affordable for companies to manufacture their goods in bulk, thereby allowing them to sell these tops at lower prices.

For professionals and amateurs’ teams soccer uniforms, features such as mesh for venting heat, special materials for wicking off sweat, and fabrics which lessen the overall weight carried by footballers are also being sold as well.

While Adidas used to be the sole number one supplier of football shoes, other giant manufacturers such as Nike and Puma are quickly catching up. Although they have yet to surpass Adidas in this market, they still add variety to footwear with special features to improve comfort, safety, and performance. There’s even special microchips embedded into the shoes of new models, which in turn allows the user to monitor and track his performance whenever training or playing.

Other merchandise, such as hats, gloves, bags, wrist bands, headbands, and other goodies are also available in local stores everywhere. For a complete set of even more stylish and better performance-enhancing soccer jerseys plus other products, online vendors have a comparatively wider selection.

Also, teams soccer uniformscan easily be purchased online at a much more practical prices, especially when ordered in bulk.

How To Save Money On Soccer Uniforms

Playing soccer is an excellent way to vent stress and have tons of fun in the process. Nothing beats that adrenaline rush players get while defending or attacking, nor can anything compare to the addictiveness of this game’s demand for skills to gain victory over rivals.

However, a problem that’s faced by lots of people, and even low budget soccer team managementofficials, is the hefty price tags attached to the good soccer uniforms sold at specialty shops. A single item such as a pair of cleats can rack up a bill of $400 and beyond, which would be a little too steep for anyone.

Regardless of the relative expensiveness that’s tied to the price tags of most merchandise, it’s still possible for any individual to save cash while purchasing such goods, without sacrificing performance or aesthetic value.

With that said, before buying entire kits, it’d be much better to start off with the essentials, namely: cleats and shin guards. For the former, these could range anywhere from $40 to $450 and beyond. While the expensive ones usually come with additional features that slightly enhance performance, they’re essentially more of a luxury than they are a necessity as part of soccer uniforms.

A pair of shoes priced around $60 will do the trick for anyone – most brands such as Adidas and Puma offer models at this price range which perform just as good as their pricier counterparts.

As for the shin guards, these are worth anywhere from $8 to $120. Soccer team managementexperts say that being cheap about this particular item is not recommended, as the blows dealt to the shin bone can leave bruises that last for weeks. Also, strikes to the lower leg can temporarily debilitate players from moving or performing at their best.

That being said, purchasing comfortable shin guards with ample padding priced at $25 to $35 is recommended, as most products belonging to this price range are typically of great quality.

These two items are undeniably the most important ones amongst all the other elements of soccer uniforms, so most of any individual’s budget should be channeled here. When there’s extra cash at hand, purchasing the other niceties of this sport can be done right after.

Soccer team managementofficials say that jerseys made out of 100% polyester are great (yet affordable) for venting heat and moisture. Also, shorts should be lightweight, and contain materials that vent heat and wick off sweat as well.

Choosing Cleats And Shin Guards For Junior Soccer Players

As kids grow older, most will naturally be drawn towards sports, and eventually select one as their favorite. Parents play an active role in cultivating their kids’ desire to play their selected sport by providing them with all the basic equipment they’ll need for participation.

A large portion of youngsters everywhere plan on becoming junior soccerplayers for schools or other local events. For children interested in playing football, soccer coachingexperts say it’s important that they receive the most important equipment right away, namely: cleats and shin guards.

Soccer shoes are undeniably vital considering how this game demands players to run a lot and handle the ball with nothing but their legs. With all the twisting and turning involved, it’s crucial that footwear worn provides ample traction to the field played on.

Surface area is another factor that may affect the selection of this particular good. For wetter or lusher fields, using extended cleats is recommended. In the case of harder fields, shorter cleats would be a better choice.

However, in cases where kids aging six years old and below, the above specifications would be in some sense not that significant. Nonetheless, soccer coachingprofessionals recommend selecting footwear based on the criteria of comfort. In addition, a child may be a bit picky when it comes to the way his or her cleats look, so having them choose a comfortable pair with an attractive design will probably be necessary.

Next item is the shin guard – junior soccerplayers have the tendency to leave their positions and gang up on the ball whenever possible. Amongst a crowd of youngsters trying to regain possession over the ball, accidental shin-to-shin collisions are unavoidable.

While they may not strike as hard as adults or seasoned players do, bones banging upon bones will hurt, and cause bruising. To negate such a risk, picking the right type of shin guards for loved ones is important.

Soccer coachingexperts suggest getting shin guards with ample padding on the inside, and a tough shell on the outside. In comparison to strapless guards which require long socks to keep it in place, purchasing one with straps would be a more convenient for its users.

Other parents may prefer getting their junior soccerplayers long socks with shin guards built in. Nevertheless, tt really doesn’t matter what type is purchased, so long as they’re comfortable, provide ample protection, and do not interfere with the child’s ability to move.

Girls Soccer Team Pay Tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Girls Soccer Team from Virgin Valley High wore their new soccer uniforms during a match at Mesquite Center on Thursday.

The Bulldogs, as they are called, defeated the Desert Pines High’s team with a score of 4-0.  The team took inspiration from their tri-colored uniforms of black, green, and pink colors.

There was a game delay of approximately 2 hours because of lack of available referees.  This however did not dampen the spirit of the ‘Dawgs, who remained upbeat and continued to do so even during the game.

After the 1st half of the game, the ‘Dawgs were leading 2-0 against the heavily favored Jaguars.  The Bulldogs’ effective defense made it impossible for the Jaguars to score a point during the 1st half.  Spence Green, the ‘Dawgs goalkeeper was at her best with an impressive 12-save feat during the game.

The final score of 4-0 had the Bulldogs celebrating with glee.  Karson Bryant scored two goals, which was closely followed by Jasmine Correa and Briana Tilto, each managing to score a point.  Bryant also managed two assists while Emma Dodienbier had one.

Scott Trimming, the ‘Dawgs coach was happy with the result indicating that it provided the Bulldogs its two-straight win.  Coach Trimming added that because of the win the girls have become confident that they can play against the best performing soccer teams in their group.  The coach also credited the defensive efforts of Sam Cunningham, Emily Reath, Marleen Quiarte, Estaphany Camacho, and Anna Mejia, which helped the team shut down the offensive play of the Jaguars.  Coach Trimming added that he is proud of the girls and has faith in what they are capable of doing not only inside the field but outside the field as well.  Coach Trimming’s soccer coaching technique was effective and also helped the team score.

The team will be playing their two away game events and will return by October 18 as they host the Boulder City.  The ‘Dawgs, with 2-4 in league play are set to play consecutive games against 5 soccer teams that are included in the league.  This means that the ‘Dawgs have to work extra hard to maintain its game composure and be able to execute the necessary moves during the scheduled 5 games in a row.  Not only that, the game will also need Coach Trimming’s effective soccer coaching to help them put on another impressive game performance.

Gophers Surprised With New Soccer Uniforms For 2012

While the Golden Gopher women’s soccer club typically receives new teams soccer uniforms every two seasons, equipment manager John Blackshear had to temporarily put it off until a new head coach was instated.

Once Stephanie Golan was assigned the position, Blackshear immediately began coordinating with staff members, including those associated with junior soccerteams, to come up with new kits for 2012.

Since the delay was unpleasantly unsettling for the team, Golan and the crew decided to surprise their players during a practice last September 13. During a meeting, the players were suddenly introduced to their new kits as undergraduate assistant coach Katie Bethke and redshirt junior Steph Brandt removed their sweat suits to show-off the new threads.

The Gophers were immediately pleased with the flashy new design – the jersey featured wide maroon plus golden stripes, which was well complemented by aV-neck collar.  Each player’s number is written on the left chest area, and at the back with “Minnesota” printed above it. As for the shorts and socks, both of these sport solid colors.

While these tops bare a few similarities to a few junior soccerteams across the US, there are still enough unique features for the teams soccer uniformsto be considered unique.

“For us as a staff, we were designing a lot of different things and came up with about six or seven different looks,” said Golan when asked about the design process. “We just thought that these jerseys looked sharp and gave us a little flare and uniqueness.”

Choosing amongst seven designs was undoubtedly a difficult task to carry out. To make the deciding process run smoother, Blackshear and Golan enlisted the help of fellow team management staff members Krystle Seidel, Deana Waintraub and Kevin Criter.

Making sure that the designs were good, and didn’t resemble apparel worn by other junior soccer teams was relatively easy. One of the biggest challenges faced by staff wastrying to keep it a secret from their players.

“It was really hard because I was so excited, but I couldn’t let anyone know,” said Golan. “Everyone kept asking me why we didn’t have new teams soccer uniforms this season, and I just had to make excuses for why we hadn’t gotten them. I am just relieved to have this off my plate now, and these jerseys are a big gift for everyone heading into the Big Ten season.”