The hockey and lacrosse equipment firm Bauer Performance Sports Ltd. is expanding into the manufacture of soccer team uniforms and other sports apparel with its recent purchase of Inaria International. Bauer acquired Inaria, which is based in Toronto, Canada, for $7 million.

Inaria’s name is a takeoff from the Italian soccer phrase which means “in the area.” Inaria started doing business in 1999, focusing on soccer uniforms and related products and soon established itself as an increasingly popular soccer apparel brand. Besides team soccer uniforms, Inaria also specialized in the manufacturing and selling of soccer equipment and accessories, as well as basketball and hockey apparel.

As the firm eventually emerged as a market leader, it diversified its product line to include practice and pro-style jerseys, warm-up suits socks, and training apparel. Its products appeal to a wide range of consumers to include youth sports programs up to the elite-team level categories. Inaria’s lifestyle wear has also grown to become one of the company’s top-sellers. The company likewise has the capability to take any custom order, be it soccer training uniform or any specialized apparel requirement.

Bauer, on the other hand, makes and sells equipment for ice hockey, roller hockey, and lacrosse as well as related apparel sold under the Bauer Hockey, Maverik Lacrosse, and Mission Roller Hockey brands. The company said the Inaria deal will help Bauer’s business expansion. Notably, the co-founders of Inaria have signed employment agreements with Bauer, and they will remain with the company which will continue to provide outfitting services to team soccer and other sports.

Kevin Davis, president and chief executive of Bauer Performance Sports, said their purchase of Inaria provides an exciting opportunity. The company, in effect, will not only serve those who want to buy soccer uniform or lacrosse apparel. This acquisition will allow Bauer to penetrate and compete in the large and growing market for other sports uniforms, a capability that the company lacks previously, Davis noted. It will expand the core competencies of Bauer to include the design, development and manufacturing of uniforms, and turn the company into a one-stop-shop for its retail partners worldwide, he added.

In its purchase of Inaria, Bauer also acquired the expertise not only in developing competitively priced quality products but also Inaria’s capability for rapid turnaround time in product manufacturing. From Canada, Inaria’s initial reputation as a reliable supplier of soccer team uniforms has spread not only in terms of product offerings but also geographically throughout North America. A significant number of leagues for soccer, hockey, and basketball across the continent, in fact, have chosen Inaria as their official outfitter. Notably, Inaria is the official apparel supplier of the Festival of Football in Canada, a grassroots program on soccer training as well as soccer coaching that had its inaugurals just this August.



Love affairs between a mentor and a student have always been a fertile source of contentious issues and scandals that any responsible parent should be wary of. Such forbidden relationships can develop not only in classroom situations. Interaction in school sports activities is just as full of opportunities for illicit romance between coach and student.

And maybe even more so, since engaging in soccer coaching, for instance, makes physical contact a norm between a male coach and a female student player. The coach will certainly find himself often up close and personal with his female wards in some figure-hugging soccer jerseys. A coach with a truly malicious intent can even ask his female players to change their team uniforms in front of him, at one pretext or another.

This was exactly the case brought up against the coach of Atlanta Fire United Soccer Club, Patrick Ahern. The 27-year-old coach was accused of statutory rape or engaging in sex with a minor–one of his female student players, a sixteen-year-old. However, he evaded conviction from the charge on technicality. In Georgia, where the incident happened, sixteen is the age is consent. Ahern was instead charged later with felony robbery in connection with the incident which allegedly happened in the girl’s bedroom.

One immediate take here is that parents must be vigilant about the team goings-on of their daughters involved in one sport or another. The incident about coach Ahern asking his female players to change soccer uniforms in front of him should have already rang alarm bells. At the very least, such practice should have been immediately called to the attention of the Atlanta Fire United soccer team management.

Kids in general also have to be taught how to recognize child predatory behavior, not only of coaches but other menacing adults. Besides the subtle soccer jersey changing which Ahern was fond of asking his girl players, there are many other indications by which to recognize that some form of child abuse may be brewing. Some predatory approaches may even be innocent, such as lavishing gifts and attention to a target girl player.

Hence, child safety experts suggest that a parent will have to be on the lookout if a coach is paying too much attention on their kids. Offers of special outings or private training sessions to a child player must be scrutinized and double-checked. Frequent communication such as SMS or texting or interaction via Facebook or other online social media network from a coach may also signal an impending threat of coach abuse.



The 2014 FIFA World Cup, international football’s single biggest event, may still be too far off to get excited about having soccer jerseys of the top contending teams. For avid football fans, however, it is never too early to buy or collect team soccer uniforms. Besides, at one time or another prior to the next World Cup which will be held in Brazil, there are other major tournaments going on around the world that are as exciting and worth following.

Team soccer uniforms of those clubs who are in various continental championships which closely follow the World Cup can also be in vogue.  Aside from the European leagues, the Copa America is held for the championships in South and Central America. There’s an African Nations Cup too, as well as the Champions League in Europe which is the biggest tournament among European football clubs. Nationally, such countries as England, Italy, and Spain offer some of the best football competitions as well. Notably, England is famous for its FA Cup which is the longest running soccer competition in the world. Hence, World Cup year or not, there is a slew of football leagues going on and a surfeit of soccer teams not only to root for but also, for many, to crave for their team soccer uniforms.

Amid such a kaleidoscope of teams and football events, online purchase of soccer jerseys of one’s favorite player or team would be more practical. Choosing the merchandise from a web-based store is more convenient, given the wide variety of the merchandise to choose from, some of which may not even be available in traditional or mall-based retail shops. Using facilities in the Internet to buy soccer uniforms can also be more affordable, as some online stores offer discounts. Having done away with a trip to the mall, some transportation savings will also result from sourcing team soccer uniforms online.

To ensure satisfaction in an online purchase, however, a customer must be prepared to do some comparison shopping. There are many online stores offering various sports merchandise, including not only soccer jerseys but also such items as basketball uniforms. Price ranges across these web-based retail outlets also vary widely, along with the quality of the goods. Some online stores charge higher shipping costs too compared with their competitors. Devoting some time to do research and compare the different offerings at each Internet sales outlet can lead to some truly remarkable purchases of team soccer uniforms.

What Soccer Was Like 3000 Years Ago

The fact that soccerhas achieved worldwide popularity amongst millions of fans can be attributed to a number of factors, such as extraordinary skills displayed by numerous soccer teams, their unwavering will to win, the aesthetically pleasing plus branded kits worn by players, as well as each player’s interesting back stories relevant to their rise to stardom.

While everyone knows this sport has existed for quite some time now, not many individuals are aware that primitive versions of this extremely physically demanding sport have actually been around for more than 3,000 years.

Despite the fact that this game went through a series of evolutions, and the sport was played differently by people of many cultures, researchers discovered that the game’s fundamentalsstill remained.

According to texts gathered by investigators, citizens of China and Japan formed teams and engaged friendly competition where they’d kick a ball around a small surface area. Based on information revealed in these texts, the game which they played had various similarities to soccer.

Research also reveals that a similar version of the sport was part of the ancient culture of Romans and Greeks as well. Moreover, many believe that one of the two nations introduced this fun-filled game to other countries, including several areas in Asia.

The Mesoamerican population had also come up with their own unique version of the sport. Just like the way soccer teamsplay the game today, a ball was involved, and the only way to move it was done by using the lower body.

However, the balls they had to kick were made out of rubber, and their goal was a basket strapped to the wall at several locations, making this game a whole lot more difficult. As the years progressed towards the Middle Ages, a more similar version of soccerwas seen in Europe.

Popularly known as “mob soccer” during those days, the game involved the use of a heavy leather ball, and there were an unlimited number of participants allowed to play. Considering how there were no restrictions on the number of players allowed to join both soccer teams, an entire town could feel free to join the game if it wanted to.

With hundreds of adrenaline-pumped individuals running after a ball bouncing across the field, there were times where it seemed a little too chaotic for safety to be a primary concern.

Soccer Coaching Advice: The Basic Equipment Needed For Newbies

Soccer is undeniably a favorite pastime activity amongst non-players. Millions of folks around the globe enjoy playing this game whenever they get the chance. For first-timers looking to play this physically demanding sport, soccer coachingprofessionals emphasize the importance of acquiring all basic equipment before getting started.

That being said, soccer uniformswill be needed – this includes purchasing several jerseys made out of 100% polyester, as this material is lightweight and allows air to flow through freely. Also, other features such as mesh for venting more heat plus moisture would definitely be helpful.

The same material specifications should ideally be found in shorts as well. In addition, the style of shorts used should allow the player to move his legs freely in order to stay comfortable and optimize performance.

Cleats are also important – special footwear that gives the user good traction on the field is a must, since a lot of lower body movement is inevitable during all games. To avoid untoward accidents, soccer shoes must always be selected carefully, and is a task that most sports shop personnel can help out with.

As everyone already knows, trying to steal the ball from opponents (and vice versa) may lead to accidental collisions of the shin bones. Considering how painful this type of contact can be, purchasing shin guards while looking for soccer uniformsis definitely a must, especially for amateurs.

According to soccer coachingexperts, the material that’s used for this particular product has to be made from sturdy material, as cheap ones are likely to break quickly. Aside from being firm, it should be flexible as well, so that it can protect against both unintentional and intentional strikes to the shin. Moreover, it should be semi-fitted to the lower leg only, so that its users may move without constraint.

A ball is another item that newbies should have while learning this sport. Practicing ball handling is an important part of any training regimen, most especially in the case of beginners. When on the search for soccer uniforms, including a ball for practice sessions, and another one for friendly competition with friends, would definitely be helpful.

Lastly, soccer coachingpros recommend getting an A 6’ by 12’ goal to practice scoring technique. Alternatively, a couple of cones (great for practicing ball handling skills as well) could work as an excellent substitute in situations where acquiring standard soccer goals are a little too expensive.

How To Save Money On Soccer Uniforms

Playing soccer is an excellent way to vent stress and have tons of fun in the process. Nothing beats that adrenaline rush players get while defending or attacking, nor can anything compare to the addictiveness of this game’s demand for skills to gain victory over rivals.

However, a problem that’s faced by lots of people, and even low budget soccer team managementofficials, is the hefty price tags attached to the good soccer uniforms sold at specialty shops. A single item such as a pair of cleats can rack up a bill of $400 and beyond, which would be a little too steep for anyone.

Regardless of the relative expensiveness that’s tied to the price tags of most merchandise, it’s still possible for any individual to save cash while purchasing such goods, without sacrificing performance or aesthetic value.

With that said, before buying entire kits, it’d be much better to start off with the essentials, namely: cleats and shin guards. For the former, these could range anywhere from $40 to $450 and beyond. While the expensive ones usually come with additional features that slightly enhance performance, they’re essentially more of a luxury than they are a necessity as part of soccer uniforms.

A pair of shoes priced around $60 will do the trick for anyone – most brands such as Adidas and Puma offer models at this price range which perform just as good as their pricier counterparts.

As for the shin guards, these are worth anywhere from $8 to $120. Soccer team managementexperts say that being cheap about this particular item is not recommended, as the blows dealt to the shin bone can leave bruises that last for weeks. Also, strikes to the lower leg can temporarily debilitate players from moving or performing at their best.

That being said, purchasing comfortable shin guards with ample padding priced at $25 to $35 is recommended, as most products belonging to this price range are typically of great quality.

These two items are undeniably the most important ones amongst all the other elements of soccer uniforms, so most of any individual’s budget should be channeled here. When there’s extra cash at hand, purchasing the other niceties of this sport can be done right after.

Soccer team managementofficials say that jerseys made out of 100% polyester are great (yet affordable) for venting heat and moisture. Also, shorts should be lightweight, and contain materials that vent heat and wick off sweat as well.

Southington Boys Soccer Honors War Veterans

During a game against the Bristol Central High School held on Friday, the boys of Southington High’s soccer team wore camouflage uniforms instead of soccer jerseys in honor of the veterans.  Prior to the start of the game, the team held the Headers for Heroes fundraiser to raise cash for a non-profit group called Wounded Warrior Project that provides assistance to injured soldiers.

Veterans, town officials, and members of Naval Reserve color guard attended the ceremony.

Eddie Klein together with the team’s other captains, Andrew Goralski and Dan Conolly wanted to have a fundraiser for the benefit of the community.  After seeing the baseball team’s fundraising campaign for breast cancer, Klein felt that their team could also extend help to the community in a different way.

For the project, camouflage T-shirts were sold at the game entrance and the audience can donate $5 dollars.  A vast number of people attended and waited for the start of the ceremony.  Klein stated that prior to the event, the project received $800 and more in donations not counting the T-shirt sales or donations prior to the game.

Southington High’s Principal Martin Semmel said he felt happy that the school’s soccer team has decided to pay tribute to the community’s “treasured people”.  He added that the team made him proud for what they have accomplished as members of the community.

A veteran of Vietnam War, Ron Catania felt great after attending the event.  His employer in Meriden, the Bob’s Stores, donated $500 for the cause.  He added that the event was unusual for him as nothing like it happened when he returned from Vietnam.

Also present during the ceremony was Garry Brumback, the Town Manager.  Brumback was also a veteran and appreciated the event a lot.  He stated that the event reflect how these young people are able to realize that there are bigger things to do and to accomplish while wearing their soccer jerseys instead of doing nothing or causing a lot of trouble.  Brumback thanked the young men in soccer uniforms on behalf of all the veterans who have fought during the Veteran War, living and dead.

Wayne White, another veteran of the Vietnam War felt honored for what these fine young men in soccer uniforms did when he attended the event.  He stated that the team did something phenomenal.  He said that he is also willing to show his support to the guys.